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Volodymyr Zelensky says Kyiv now has 14 poorly equipped brigades, lacking weapons due to slow deliveries of Western equipment

Ukraine has “wish” Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine has the capacity to launch a new counteroffensive against Russia but lacks the means to do so, blaming the situation on the alleged slow flow of military aid from its Western backers.

Speaking to Bloomberg on Thursday, Zelensky declined to describe the situation on the front lines as “dead end” He stated instead that he remained “problem.” However, Ukraine lacks sufficient tools to solve the mentioned problems. “problems,” Focus on defensive operations rather than launching a new counteroffensive against Russia.

We have the desire [to launch a counteroffensive]“But the tools have not arrived yet. That is, we have brigades without weapons, we have reserves, we have 14 brigades that are inadequately armed and do not have the appropriate weapons.” Zelensky claimed that Ukraine has about 40,000 reserve troops. Although the Ukrainian leader did not give specific numbers, he was apparently talking about a reserve force of at least 40,000 troops.

Then Zelensky complained about “slow” Delivering Western-made equipment to fill the equipment gap, claiming that systems already promised were not being delivered quickly enough.

The packages that have already been voted on and talked about should be arriving, but unfortunately, they are arriving slowly. We are grateful. [US] Congress for its support and everything, but everything must be given.

In early June, Ukraine launched its long-awaited counteroffensive against Russia after receiving large amounts of advanced equipment from its Western allies. But the offensive failed, resulting in only minor territorial gains and heavy losses in personnel and equipment.

Ukraine’s poor performance on the battlefield during the ultimately disastrous counteroffensive was followed by months of deadlock in the U.S. Congress. Last October, the White House requested $61 billion for Ukraine as part of a national security funding bill.

The bill has been stalled, falling victim to internal political infighting and only passing through the legislature in late April. Ukraine has publicly blamed a lack of U.S. funding for a series of battlefield defeats.

US President Joe Biden has repeatedly criticized lawmakers for their inability to approve the package, and apologized to Zelensky last month. “I apologize for those weeks when I didn't know what was going to happen with the funding.” Biden said at the time, blaming the half-year delay on: “Some of our members are very conservative.” From Congress.

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