3 Palestinian students were attacked by armed forces in the United States

Last Saturday night, three Palestinian students were attacked by armed forces in Vermont, USA.

On Sunday, Burlington police announced they received reports of an armed attack the night before and found three college students injured at the scene.

She said three people were still being treated yesterday Sunday, two of whom were shot in the torso and the third was wounded in the lower body. She added that two of them were in stable condition and the third was seriously injured.

Authorities reported that two of the victims were U.S. citizens and the third victim was a resident, both in their 20s, confirming that police and federal agents were searching for the gunman who opened fire on the students before fleeing and that investigators suspected. It was a “hate crime.”

The victims’ families earlier issued a joint statement urging authorities to investigate the shootings as a hate crime, as did the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, a U.S.-based group.

“We are seeing an unprecedented rise in anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian sentiment, another example of hate turning to violence,” said Abed Ayoub, executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Family members said the victims were: Hisham al-Awatani of Brown University in Rhode Island, Kenan Abdulhamid of Haverford University in Pennsylvania and Tasin of Trinity University in Connecticut. Ahmed, adding that the three attended Friends High School in western Ramallah. Bank before entering college. Two of them visited the third person’s home during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Ambassador and Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK writes Hossam ZomlotHe said through his account on the “X” platform that the students “were targeted after returning from dinner because they were wearing Palestinian headscarves,” adding that “hate crimes against Palestinians must be stopped.”

In mid-October, A Palestinian child was killed In the U.S. state of Illion, the police charged a 71-year-old man with committing a hate crime against a child (6 years old) and his mother (32 years old), saying that the two victims were targeted because of their Islamic beliefs. Faith, in the context of Israel’s ongoing war… Gaza Strip.

In turn, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in a statement offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

The committee called on federal and state law enforcement authorities in Vermont to investigate possible motives behind the attack.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in the strongest terms “the shooting crimes against Palestinian students.”

“The students, who were wearing Palestinian headscarves and speaking Arabic as they left, were shot at, causing them injuries that were described as serious to moderate,” the ministry explained in a statement.

The ministry called on specialized U.S. authorities to “quickly arrest criminals, investigate them, hold them accountable, and inform them of their findings.”

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