The Qassam destroyed 80% of Israeli vehicles

Satellite images obtained by Al Jazeera show Israeli occupying forces using schools where displaced people have taken refuge as concentration areas and blocking vehicles as fighting intensifies and Palestinian resistance in Gaza against invading forces increases.

According to the photos, on November 14, the Israeli army used Carmel and Beech schools as vehicle location points, each 400 meters away from the schools. Shifa Medical Center.

In response, military and strategic expert Major General Fayez al-Duwari said that all schools of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees “UNRWA“They have become shelters for displaced people, which is why the occupying forces deliberately park their vehicles near them.

The aim, he added, was to push fighters Qassam Brigade The military wing of the Islamic resistance movementagitation“Due to the large number of Palestinians present, vehicles and tanks were refrained from attacking, on the grounds that the latter did not attack the Randisi Children’s Hospital until it had evacuated displaced persons and became an anchor point for the occupying forces.

Referring to the images showing the dense vehicular traffic at the intersection of Omar Al-Mukhtar and Al-Jalaa streets in Gaza, as well as the earth barrier near the wastewater treatment plant, Al-Duwairi said the goal was to choose one with a view, in addition to using them in any new situation and areas of freedom of movement and security.

As for the Qassam attack on Rantisi Hospital and the establishment of the martyrdom unit, military experts explained that on-site data determined the type of attack, noting that the hospital square has become a mobilization point for the Israeli army. Vehicle and individual levels.

He added that Qassam militants conducted surveillance on the Israeli vehicles and determined their type, then launched several different attacks after completing the intelligence information. He stressed that the nature of the target and the conditions on site required such a number of fighter jets.

In his latest speech, Qassam spokesman Abu Ubayda revealed that 25 fighters from Qassam’s elite forces launched a complex attack on the occupation forces at Gazalanti West Hospital, killing four soldiers at close range. Get off the troop carrier near the hospital.

As for the occupying forces’ breakthrough at Izbat Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip and their arrival on the outskirts of Jabaliya, Duwari downplayed this step because the distance they entered was about two kilometers and was considered soft ground, where There are no buildings.

Regarding the firing of rockets into Tel Aviv, which was called one of the largest attacks on the city, military experts said that the warning covered an area of ​​more than 2,000 square kilometers, equivalent to seven times the area of ​​​​Israel. Gaza Strip.

He emphasized that the message Kassam wanted to convey was twofold: the first was military, that is, despite the destruction, the General Staff was still capable of managing the battle; the second was political, that is, about Negotiations on the issue of detainees in Gaza have been conducted from the perspective of equality and the ability to access their rights.

occupation force

Regarding the invading occupying forces, military experts said that Tel Aviv mobilized 5 military divisions for the Gaza battle, which means that the occupying forces’ combat effectiveness reached 45%, while the northern front with Lebanon was 25%, leaving 30% of which 10% allocated to the West Bank, and the remainder to the strategic reserve.

It is estimated that Israel has 3 divisions in Gaza, each with 350 combat vehicles, which means 1,000 to 1,100 various vehicles, including tanks and personnel carriers, and is supported by the Givati ​​Brigade, Golani Brigade and paratroopers Brigade reinforcements.

He pointed out that Qassam announced the total or partial destruction of 290 Israeli vehicles, which means that one of the three military divisions of the occupation army has lost 80% of its equipment and has been decommissioned.

About the impact of the attack Hezbollah Duhuaili believes that the party hopes to send a message that it is immersed in fighting through the use of Burkan missiles with powerful effects.

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