Israel’s Iron Dome Error Bombing Tel Aviv, Indonesian Hackers?

Jakarta – Israel’s air defense system, which is known to be sophisticated, Iron Dome, reported an error on Sunday (6/11). Where, the missile that Israel shot towards Gaza turned upside down and fell on Tel Aviv.

Quoted by Al-Jazeera, Tuesday (7/11), the missile fell into the center of the city of Rishon LeZion, south of Tel Aviv. The defense system that was going to be fired towards Gaza instead turned and made the missile fall on residential areas and hospitals.

In a video uploaded by the Palestinian news site Quds News Network, the Iron Dome missile fired by Israel is seen rotating in the air to form the letter ‘U’ first, before turning around and falling towards a residential area and hospital.

“Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor is reportedly not working,” wrote @QudsNen’s post via social media X, quoted Tuesday, November 6 2023.

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