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publish izdin qassam brigade The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) 4 videos from the last 24 hours of operations against Israeli occupying forces infiltrating Gaza.

One of the videos shows clashes and attacks between Israeli soldiers and military vehicles, the second video was filmed inside an Israeli armored vehicle in which a soldier's camera was hacked, and the third video shows an attack on an officer and a military vehicle. Precision ambush. Soldiers in a tunnel in the neighborhood of Sheikh Radwan, then video of the clash and their final duel.

The four videos released by the Qassam Media Office spread like wildfire on social media platforms, with frequent interactions among fans. Twitter users said the new videos reflected the extent of on-the-spot control the Palestinian resistance had over the battlefield and the wise management of the fighting by Qassam commanders and other Palestinian factions.

Commenting on the videos, some bloggers stated that the Qassam Brigades were a reference to psychological warfare because in every video they played, they were killing the morale of Israeli occupation soldiers.

Others added that the latest video is one of the most dangerous videos released by Qassam since the beginning of the Israeli military invasion, arguing that it is a devastating blow to Israeli intelligence services (Mossad and Shin Bet). This explains the militants' secrecy of carefully selecting targets and knowing where Israeli officers and officials are on the battlefield.

Observers pointed out that Qassam has always been inconsistent with Israel's claims of eliminating resistance in Gaza and destroying the capabilities of Palestinian factions. However, this time Qassam broadcast four videos in just 24 hours, recording the violence in various areas of Gaza. combat situation. Gaza Strip.

Some activists say a slew of videos recently released by the Qassam media office show the massive damage caused by Israeli troops infiltrating Gaza.

The attention of viewers on social media platforms was also attracted by the remarkable development of Qassam's videos, which showed that there was sufficient time and ability to professionally design clips and images, as well as the possibility of precise surveillance of enemies among themselves. apartments in the building and monitor the location of the “enemy” from above in an organized, professional manner rather than haphazardly. The Israeli army also played clips of it.

Observers believe the hacking of an Israeli soldier's camera inside a tank is one of the most powerful videos broadcast by Qassam TV and illustrates the battalion's significant development in cyber warfare.

According to the latest data released by the Israeli military, since the ground attack on Gaza was launched on October 27, the number of injured officers and soldiers has increased to 1,042, of which 228 were seriously injured. The total number of injured since the attack has reached 2,438. War broke out on October 7th. Same month.

The death toll of Israeli soldiers and officers since the start of the war has reached 510, including approximately 180 since the ground assault began.

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