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A British broadcaster became emotional as he hosted the secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative Mustafa BarghoutiShe also yelled at him, accusing him of being unaccustomed to letting women speak, reacting angrily to the point of demanding that she be investigated and fired.

Talk TV broadcaster Julia Hartley Brewer appeared emotional and nervous during her interview with Barghouti, who discussed the crimes committed by Israel's occupation of the Palestinian people and An attempt to shed light on the corruption plaguing the Palestinian people. Prime Minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu.

The broadcaster interrupted her guest more than once when he tried to talk about Netanyahu's corruption, telling him: “We don't have enough time to talk about Netanyahu's history because he is not a popular figure in Israel.” A welcoming figure.”

She also attacked Barghouti personally, shouting at him: “Maybe you are not used to a woman speaking.” Barghouti responded: “What you just said misled the audience.” She said at the end of her speech , she apologized for being a woman speaking to him.

Commentators and observers have called on Ofcom, the UK's telecoms sector regulator, to launch an investigation into the broadcaster because of her behavior and the style of her conversations with Barghouti, Middle East Eye reported.

'Bias and unprofessionalism'

Networks program (July 1, 2024) monitored some of the comments made by the British public about the conduct of broadcaster Brewer, including what Antonio wrote: “She should be sacked for her biased stance and unprofessionalism. You Do you think she would dare?” to speak to an Israeli official in this way? “Tone?”

Tiffany tweeted: “This woman is terrible and needs to be reminded of basic interview rules and a general understanding of politeness! Especially when she is being watched by millions of people… She is a huge disgrace and should be Removal. She was not entitled to it.”

Peter thought the interview was “bad because Julia frankly showed a bias against Mustafa because of who he is, not based on what he said or how he said it,” considering the use of the word “woman.” Feminism “undermines the concept of Mustafa”. “

As for Amin, he wrote: “This is what the Western media does when its arguments are weak! Barghouti seems confident in her words, her principles, and thinks she is right, but for her, her hatred trumps Her professionalism. ”

In turn, Barghouti said the reason he was so calm in the face of the anchor's screams was because he was speaking not to her, but to her audience. His goal was not to convince her, but to reach out to her followers and correct some incorrect ideas. They have knowledge about the Palestinians, adding, “We must confront him with the facts…The media is a form of resistance”.

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