A torn cruciate ligament…an injury that can plague players and potentially end their athletic careers

Barcelona midfield star Garvey suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee during Spain’s Euro 2024 qualifier against Georgia, sparking panic at Barca as it ended the young star’s season, but what exactly is the injury? ? Are you disturbing the players? Will players be restored to their original level afterward?

Obviously, the young star was affected by the surgery on the 28th of this month and missed important football events, especially the European Nations Cup in Germany and the Summer Olympics.

A cruciate ligament tear is a sprain, stretch, partial or complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, one of the main ligaments of the knee.

It is one of the most common knee injuries and often occurs in sports that involve jumping, sudden changes of direction, and landing. A cruciate ligament injury can cause instability and swelling, and cause pain when bearing any weight.

Regarding the nightmare that players face after learning that they have injured their cruciate ligaments, Rafael Gonzalez Adreu, a specialist in trauma medicine and orthopedics, said: “Injured people usually recover within 4 to 6 weeks. To regain the ability to fully move the knee within 4 months, we let them start practicing running after 4 months. “In order for him to start training, he needs 5 or 6 months after surgery. ”

A ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in the knee is one of the most feared injuries among football players as it could end their football careers, but there are players who are able to come back and shine again.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” commented on several players who have returned to the game after suffering the same injuries as Garvey:

  • Spaniard Xavi Hernandez: In December 2005, Xavi, the 25-year-old former Barcelona player and current coach, tore the cruciate ligament in his knee. Despite the difficulties, he was able to participate in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Xavi said the trust of then-Spanish national team coach Aragones helped him return and shine with Barcelona and the Spanish national team, and he was also nominated for the Ballon d’Or.
  • Spanish Oyazábal: Real Sociedad forward Mikel Oyarzabal endured the ordeal when he tore his cruciate ligament in March 2022, but he has resumed playing football this season at the same level as before the cruciate ligament tear.
  • Spanish Diego Costa: The former Spain international tore his cruciate ligament shortly after arriving at Atletico Madrid in December 2017 and has not only overcome the injury but has shown his best side since. Diego Costa won the Spanish League title with Atletico Madrid, performed well in the Champions League, and carried the flag of the Spanish national team.
  • Spaniard Sergio Canales: Perhaps among the names on the list is Canales, the player who suffered the worst, with both legs broken. The former Spain international has suffered three such injuries during his career, two during his time at Valencia and one during his time at Real Sociedad. Despite this, he played for the Spanish national team and joined Real Betis in July 2018 where he played for 5 seasons before announcing a move to Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Spanish Camacho: In the 1977-1978 season, the legendary Real Madrid full-back suffered a torn cruciate ligament and was unable to participate in the World Cup. He was on the verge of ending his career. It took him 20 months to recover and return to good form with Real Madrid and the national team. People who met him at the time said he was in more pain than before his collapse.
  • Falcao: The Colombian striker suffered a “nightmare” injury when he was 20 years old. But injuries have not stopped the current Rayo Vallecano striker from shining and becoming one of the best scorers in football history.

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