A woman from Tennessee with a height of 5’8 inches got into the Guinness Book of Records


August 31, 2023 | 12:38 p.m

It’s a very long party in the back for a Tennessee woman.

Knoxville nurse Tammy Manes holds the Guinness World Record for the longest ever mullet, with her luxurious hair reaching 5ft 8in.

“I’ve been blessed to grow my hair, and it’s now the longest mullet in the world and I’m so happy with it,” said Manice, a public health nurse with the Tennessee State Guard.

She began growing her hair long in the 1980s after watching Til Tuesday’s music video for her song “Voices Carry”.

In this video, the singer defends her hair, takes care of her boyfriend, and makes insulting comments.

“The girl had a rattle, and I really wanted one,” Manes, 58, said.

But when she went to a local barber in November 1989, the hairdresser told her that the hairstyle did not suit her, and she decided to cut her hair.

However, Manise immediately regretted the decision and began to grow old again on February 9, 1990 – a day she considers Mullet’s birthday.

She hasn’t cut it since.

Tammy Manes of Knoxville, Tennessee, holds the world record for the longest mullet of any female.
Photo by Wade Payne

The style has since become almost synonymous with Manise, with the nurse saying that people remember her precisely because of her unique work.

“The strangest thing I find is that people remember me from years ago.” She told Guinness. “People have known me for 20 years because I kept the same hairdo.”

She said the mullet has also become a conversation starter among her friends and family, noting that most people don’t notice the length of her hair until she turns around.

Manise attributes her luxurious locks to good genetics.

But in order to maintain it, she washes her hair with Hask hair care products, including a conditioner with argan oil and a leave-in conditioner.

Once she’s done with shampoo and conditioner, Manise says she pats her hair dry with paper towels so it doesn’t stay wet.

Her friend then comes to braid her hair for her once a week so she doesn’t get stuck in it, and Manise said the hair will stay that way until the next wash.

“Most of the time people around me know she’s braided, and it’s still very impressive at that point,” she said.

Manes has tried to win accolades for her signature looks in the past, competing in the “Femullet” class at the 2022 American Mullet Championships last year. The competition is the largest of its kind in the world, with more than 1,000 applicants participating each year.

Manise said most people don’t realize how long her hair is until she turns around.
Photo by Wade Payne

Unfortunately, Manes only took home the second-place prize of $300, losing out to Alexa Lindsay of Holland, Michigan, who took home the first prize of $500.

But soon after, Guinness announced it would open the door to the “longest competitive mullet” as a world record award, and was encouraged to come forward.

After several discussions with a company representative, a photographer met her at her home in Knoxville while a videographer recorded the judge measuring her hair.

She said she only learned of her victory when she received a parcel at her door containing an official certificate from the Guinness Book of Records.

“I checked it out with the guy from Guinness World Records and then made sure I actually entered the 2024 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest mullet fish and that’s pretty amazing!” Manes said.

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