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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is a carbon copy of him, determined to strengthen his iron fist after launching a fierce war with Tigray, build an empire to dominate the entire region, and seize the crown of African leadership by force. , insulting political opponents, circumventing the holding of the 2020 elections, getting rid of its most prominent rivals, and finally seriously considering annexing neighboring countries.

Ethiopia threatens peace in Africa

Some time ago, Ethiopia began to threaten Africa's peace and security, recklessly supporting the “Rapid Support” militia rebellion, hosting the Sudanese armed opposition, and trying to attack the Fashka region again. Sudanese troops regained lost ground, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed insisted that Abiy Ahmed agree to complete all stages of the Renaissance Dam construction and unilaterally fill and operate the dam, completely ignoring the position and opposition of the crossing and downstream. Egyptian and Sudanese interests and their historical rights to the Nile pose a direct threat. This is a hostile step never taken by Ethiopian rulers.

Abiy Ahmed is not happy with these open fronts, but his government's announcement a few days ago that Eritrean independence and a referendum to break away from dependence on Addis Ababa was a historical and legal mistake must mean With Ethiopia not recognizing Eritrea's sovereignty, war broke out again between the two countries.

Battle for ports

Perhaps the motivation for these remarks is that Ethiopia is a closed country that seeks access to the sea at all costs, and to do so, it can invade neighboring countries, or exacerbate the divisions of neighboring countries, weaken and destroy neighboring countries. .

This is what it did in practice when it signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the government of Somaliland (the northern region of Somalia), under which Ethiopia will receive a naval base in Somalia in exchange for the region receiving a stake in Somalia. Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopia will also recognize the separatist independent state of the Somaliland region.

This is an agreement that Egypt and Sudan reject because it blatantly violates the sovereignty of Somalia, which is essentially a member of the Arab League. Arab states should take a united and strict stance against the attack, which means exacerbating divisions and dominating the region by force, and curbing Abiy Ahmed's ambitions to gain access to neighboring countries' resources.

Overcome by a sense of greatness, he wanted to fight on all fronts in the manner of Emperor Haile Selassie and strengthen central control in the bloody manner that he had done before his predecessor Menelik II.

Between Hemedi and Abiy Ahmed

Although the stages that shaped the character of Abiy Ahmed were different from the way Hemeti emerged, no one could hide the existence of a hidden lever that could empower them in many situations and coordinate between them , and this lever is driven by the interests of Sudan and both countries. Ethiopia, meaning the contractor is one of them.

About a decade ago, the West began to deal with Hemeti by using the military to crack down on illegal immigration. To this end, the violations committed by Rapid Support Group in Darfur, Khartoum and Gazira states were ignored. Instead, he is currently being supported with weapons, intelligence information, and immunity from prosecution. legitimate.

The African countries he recently visited were also forced to receive him as a head of state and portray him as the savior of democracy and the Sudanese revolution, a sworn enemy of revolution and civilian rule. The danger with the Rapid Support Forces is that they are expatriates from different countries, gathered in Chad, Mali, Libya, South Sudan and Central Africa.

Sudan has accused Chad of opening its airports to transport weapons across its western border, a diplomatic breakdown that has meant a widening circle of violence and the presence of hidden forces seeking to ignite West Africa and the Sahel, which controls the largest of gold and uranium stocks.

Following this spark, Ethiopia has clearly set its sights on South Sudan's oil, the fertile land of Fashaga, Eritrea's ports and the Somali coast, and is using the Renaissance Dam project to create an external scarecrow to silence internal voices opposing the trend , and threats to Arab interests, such as Abiy Ahmed's intimidation within parliament, mobilizing a million Ethiopians to face the option of war with Egypt and Sudan.

african summer exercises

In July 2018, Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki signed the “Asmara Declaration of Peace and Friendship”. The declaration focused on security aspects, delineation of borders, and opening up areas of economic cooperation. But the Ethiopian prime minister reneged and is now threatening to return to war and not recognize a country. Its name is Eritrea, and it's a fateful battle in which Afwerki will also fight against old grudges and find the Sultan on his side with the help of the Russian Bear.

A few days ago, as a gift from Putin, a Russian ship carrying 25,000 tons of grain arrived at the Eritrean port of Massawa. In return, the United States will stand with Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt, and Sudan, and with Somalia and Eritrea. Can IGAD and the crumbling African Union put out the fire?

This means that this time there may be a confrontation between great powers on the African plateau, and the region will fall into total chaos. The West will have greater opportunities to intervene, plunder African resources, and force allegiance to African dictatorships.

Where is the will of Africans?

Ethiopia is a country in economic crisis, plagued by ethnic conflicts and the ambitions of local leaders. Abiy Ahmed will not be able to deal with these multiple wars on his own, and he will be trapped in a conflict with his predecessor Meles Zenawi. The same predicament that we found ourselves in when we took over. Against Sudan on one side and Eritrea on the other. Land invasion of Somali territory. In order to control the port, he returned defeated.

This means that Abiy Ahmed, obsessed with American hegemony, has failed to learn from history and will ultimately fail and pay a heavy price. Because of these stupid actions.

There is no doubt that the African region is in a hot spot, undergoing profound changes, and new military and political alliances are emerging. Ethiopia will become the focus of this conflict. This is a good opportunity for Egypt to intervene forcefully and intervene. To protect its interests, the Red Sea coast and plateau will become burning areas.

The influence of Israel cannot be ignored either, as it seeks to impose and establish military dictatorships to protect its interests and lure them with money and absolute power: Hemeti in Sudan, Haftar in Libya and Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia .

But there is a question: where is the public opinion in Africa? Why not fight these destructive plans?

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