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American star George Clooney has confirmed that he now prefers to lead a team “behind the camera” rather than be an actor in front of it, but he has not confirmed that he will fully devote himself to film directing.

The Oscar-winning actor is currently screening “The Boys in the Boat,” which tells the story of the University of Washington rowing team's gold medal-winning run at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Clooney stars alongside Brad Pitt in the yet-to-be-released film “Wolf,” from writer-director Jon Watts.

American actor and director George Clooney (social networking site)

Clooney admits that directing, compared to acting, “is more fun because it gives the person more control.”

He joked, “I can drive, and I don't need to learn how to row,” and the “Gravity” star added, “It's fun to write a script and then ask someone else to bring what you wrote to life.” In the end what happened. “.”

Clooney has starred in dozens of films, including “Ticket to Paradise” with Julia Roberts, “Up in the Air” and “Ocean's Eleven” with Vera Farmiga, and directed over the course of his career 12 films, including “The Bar,” “The Midnight Sky,” “Suburbia” and “The Ides of March.”

Clooney said: “As you get older, everyone needs to do other things. You can't just focus on doing one thing for your whole life. I am lucky that I am 62 years old and I can do one thing.” Something I like. “

He continued: “I'm very aware of that, and I celebrate that, because if I don't love what I do, I'm not going to be able to please an audience.” Clooney affirmed his love for his original career, saying, “I I still love acting, I enjoy it, I just made a movie with Brad Pitt.”

director clooney

Clooney made his first feature film as a director in 2002 with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. television producer, but his greatest success occurred…off screen.

The show tells the story of a legendary entertainer who lives a double life as a television producer by day and a CIA agent and hit man by night. At the height of his television career, he was recruited from the intelligence services and trained as an agent.

In his second film, Unscripted, Clooney tells the story of three out-of-work actors trying to survive failure in Los Angeles. The movie focuses on these three sweet souls: Brian, who suffers the indignities that every young actor suffers, and Krista, who tries to break the hottie's heart but finds herself constantly showing up in the… In print advertising. Then there's Jennifer, a young girl who maintains healthy behaviors, but she's not social and doesn't want to be social.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, or David and Georgia in black glasses, refuse to see the beauty of Bali and the daughter behind them (Communication Site - US Media)
George Clooney and Julia Roberts in the movie “Ticket to Paradise” (Communication Site – US Media)

Clooney's 2020 film The Midnight Sky is one of his most successful films as it tells a post-apocalyptic story. Scientist Augustine survives and lives alone in the Arctic, where he attempts to prevent Sully and her fellow astronauts from returning to Earth. The earth is no longer suitable for life.

a lucky break

Actor George Clooney occupied a special place in Hollywood until 1997. He played ordinary roles like hundreds of handsome actors, but his choice as the hero of the film “Batman” attracted attention, especially after the film was released and earned more than $100 million, which is why he and Jennifer Lopez was nominated for the brilliant film “Out of Sight,” which revolves around the conflict between the conscience and heart of a federal officer who falls in love with a bank robber she is assigned to arrest.

Then the brilliant director Terrence Malick chose him to star in “The Thin Red Line,” one of the greatest war films in the history of American cinema, and the three previous films were enough to catapult him into the first row of Hollywood stars.


In 2005, Clooney won an Academy Award for the film “Syriana”, of which he was one of the producers, revealing the most important and highest value of oil in international relations.

He plays a CIA agent assigned to assassinate an Arab prince for signing an oil-extraction contract with a Chinese company, but discovers the truth about the prince's desire to develop his country through modern democracy.

ocean 11
Promotional poster for the film “Ocean's Eleven” starring George Clooney (Al Jazeera)

As for the movie “Three Kings,” its events take place during the final stages of the Gulf War. A group of American soldiers plan to steal a large amount of gold. Clooney plays Major Archie, who is frustrated by the war. War was coming and his retirement was approaching.

George Clooney's second Oscar win was most impressive for his role as producer of the film “Escape from Tehran,” which was based on true events during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, when several diplomats were detained in Inside the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, U.S. intelligence services hatched a plan to free the diplomats. It looks like a movie would be filmed with agents from the agency going in to carry out the operation. The film is directed by and stars actor Ben Affleck.

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