AIPAC gives $20M to candidate to unseat Rashida Tlaib

U.S. Senate Candidate Nasser Bedouin Reveals American Israel Public Affairs Committee “American Public Policy Council“It put pressure on him by luring him with money to agree to run against Representative Rashida Tlaib, the Palestinian representative in the upcoming Michigan election.

“AIPAC offered me $20 million in exchange for withdrawing from the Senate race and joining my friend Rashida Terai,” Bedouin, who is Arab, said in a video clip posted on his account on the “X” platform yesterday. Rashida Tlaib is running.”

He added: “The pro-Israel lobby is ready to take all measures to remove from the U.S. Congress anyone who opposes its agenda and who opposes full and unequivocal support for Israel, for good or for bad.”

Bedouin sent a message to AIPAC saying, “You have to make sure that money is not the main motivation for electing people, because the pro-Israel lobby is just a tool used to threaten politicians and lure them with money. But I say to them: America comes together to elect People who truly represent our values, not the values ​​themselves.” “Private agenda. Keep your money.”

On Saturday, Beduhn posted a video clip on the “X” platform documenting his TV appearance, saying: “Michigan says no to AIPAC’s dominance and its occupation of Congress. People. are waking up and opening their eyes to the influence of the American Public Affairs Committee.” The pro-Israel lobby targets not just our foreign policy, but our elections. “Our campaign finances are broken, and it’s time to end the powerful lobbyists who buy our elections.”

This is not the first time AIPAC has targeted a candidate to oust Rashida Tlaib. American politician Hill Harper revealed that he also received the same offer as support in exchange for entering the House of Representatives election against Rashida Tlaib. Leib.

“I didn’t want to make the private phone calls public, but now the facts are public,” Harper wrote a week ago in a tweet on’s U.S. Senate race. The opponent… “Rashida Tlaib. I said no. I will not be bullied, bullied or bought.”

He wrote in another post in “X”: For me, this is not about one person or one phone call. This is about the political system and its twisted campaign finance system that favors the rich and powerful. “I’m running for U.S. Senate because I believe the rich and powerful have too much representation in Washington.”

He added: “I compete to be a voice for the people. I won’t be bought, controlled or bullied. I’m lucky. I have a successful acting career and I’m not someone I grew up thinking I wanted to be.” Become a politician. I’m not running just for the title. “

He continued: “I’m not going to run against the only Palestinian American in Congress just because some special interests don’t like her. I’m running because I want to break the stranglehold that wealthy special interests have on our politics, whether it’s The Israel lobby, the National Rifle Association, or Big Pharma.”

A report on the matter by the US news website Politico quoted undisclosed sources as saying that Harper rejected the offer on October 16 and that the person who contacted him was businessman Lyndon Nelson.

The website reported that Nelson, a businessman from Michigan and a former donor to candidates from both parties, suggested allocating $10 million of the grant directly to Harper’s campaign and setting aside another $10 million for independent spending.

On November 22, the Council on American-Islamic Relations published “careIsrael supporters were recorded discussing the killing of Rashida Tlaib during a visit to Arizona last week.

According to CAIR in .

CAIR’s statement said that in the recordings, supporters of Israel discussed “whether it is legal to yell explicit sexual insults at Tlaib” and that the discussion also touched on “Arizona’s gun laws.”

On November 8, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a draft resolution condemning Representative Tlaib for condemning President Biden and Israel’s policies against Gaza.

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