Al Jazeera documents the cries and anguish of displaced people in Rafah, southern Gaza

Video footage captures the screams and pain of displaced people Rafa South Gaza StripLiving conditions in the displaced persons' tents are difficult as they lack food resources and basic necessities as Israel continues its aggression against the Gaza Strip for the third month in a row.

Women described the pain they endured every day trying to ensure food for their children, especially since about 30 people lived in tents erected on the streets of Rafah.

This situation is not limited to lack of food and water, but also extends to the lack of medicine for family members, especially the elderly who need regular treatment.

Ms Umm Saad al-Din Batran, a displaced person from Gaza City, said what is happening in Gaza has not happened in any other country in the world.

However, she said she would not leave Gaza for Egypt or the Sinai Peninsula and stressed that she would remain steadfast, saying: “My dear, we are steadfast.” Netanyahu“.

Another woman spoke of the pain of her family, confirming that there were only two mattresses in the tent for 12 people to sleep in, and the pain of providing clothes, food and medicine for the children.

An old man also described his pain and helplessness in the predicament, saying that he suffered from diseases and injuries and needed treatment every day. He called for an end to the war in Gaza, saying: “Stop the war, stop the hunger.”

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