An elderly Palestinian woman who lived through the Nakba shows extraordinary resilience despite being displaced News


Rasmiya Abu Shahma, an elderly Palestinian woman who was forced to leave her home in Khan Yunis as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian territories, sits in a tent It has become her temporary residence. Gaza Strip Since October 7 last year.

Rasmiya (80), putting her hands on her cheeks and covering herself with a blanket to protect herself from the cold, spoke of the cold that penetrated the walls of her nylon tent. “We froze last night,” she said, because it was so cold. “

Her grandchildren became her support during these difficult times, helping her stand and sit and faithfully tending to her needs as she suffered from many health issues. Among them: high blood pressure and heart disease.

“They told us that our house was destroyed and that there were many martyrs,” said Rasmiya, who was walking to Rafah.

Speaking of her suffering in the displacement tent, she said: “We lack blankets and mattresses. I just want peace of mind and return to our home.”

Responding to Al Jazeera’s question about her views on plans to relocate Gaza residents to the Sinai Peninsula, Rasmiya Abu Shahma struck a challenging tone and said: “We don’t want to migrate to the Sinai Peninsula or anywhere else. We will only return to her directing these words at Arab rulers, criticizing their treatment of the massacre and displacement faced by Gaza’s residents, “God has satisfied me, he is the best handler among you. “

The old Palestinian woman explained that she witnessed the Nakba in Palestine in 1948 and said painfully: “Yesterday I lost my niece and 11 members of my family. I witnessed the Nakba in 1948, We stand firm and will continue to do so until death with our people, Jerusalem, and we stand with the resistance.”

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