Atlanta Braves game recap: Eddie Rosario and Marcel Ozuna both in a 3-2 win over the Mets

NFL Player of the Week Eddie Rosario and current NFL Player of the Week candidate Marcel Ozuna continued to remain at the plate, with their production on the night being a huge factor in helping the Atlanta Braves to a 3-2 win. Winning the series tie on New York Mets.

Although we didn’t see any of the first-half fireworks that have become a trademark of the Braves this year, we didn’t have to wait long to see Atlanta get on the board in this game. The two men who’ve captained the team have been the usual suspects lately: Marcel Ozuna and Eddie Rosario. Ozuna drove the frame with a single and then Rosario brought home both Ozuna and himself by knocking one of them into the seats in the Chop House for Make it a 2-0 game for the Braves at that point.

Things were quiet until the fourth inning, when Bryce Elder found himself in big trouble. Two walks and a pitch saw Elder landed in a bases-filled situation with only one out, meaning it would take some work to get out of it unscathed. 14 pitches (including a strikeout and a harmless line) later, Elder weathered the mayhem without giving up his run and the 2-0 lead was still quite intact. Elder eventually pitched 5.1 innings pitched with two hits, two walks, and three strikeouts under his belt. We’ve got the fixed version to Bryce Elder tonight, which was a relief.

Bryce Elder’s home run in the fourth ended up being very important at that point in the game, as the Braves would continue their lead into the fifth. Again, when you think about recent events, it isn’t particularly shocking as to who is the guy who put the offense back on the board in this frame. Indeed, Marcel Ozuna continued his hot streak when he hit a deep fly ball to center field that had just enough to leave the field of play and land in the first two rows in left center field. Ozuna’s third homer in two days Making it 3-0 and the way Bryce Elder was leading at that point, it looked like a comfortable three-run lead.

However, any notions of this being an easy win for the Braves are abruptly evaporated on the next frame. Elder left the game with a runner on third and one after giving up a leadoff double to Francisco Lindor. Pierce Johnson entered the game and while he was able to get two hits to eventually close out the inning, he surrendered Daniel Vogelbach’s 11th home run of the season to make it a tight 3-2 contest heading into the bottom of the sixth inning.

Both offenses remained quiet for the next few innings and no more insurance was added by the Braves, so the score remained 3-2 going into the ninth inning and it was up to Raisel Iglesias to ensure an Atlanta win tonight. The ninth inning ended up being a roller coaster for Iglesias as Daniel Fogelbach walked four pitches to lead off the inning and then D.J. Stewart hit a liner up the middle to make it two runners with no one out.

Things were looking really shaky at that moment but then Iglesias managed to get Francisco Alvarez to hit a sharp ground ball to third base. Riley fielded it and stomped on the bag on third down and then tossed it first to complete a much needed double play. Iglesias then made his old friend Rafael Ortega hit a typical 6-3 home run to finish the match and snap the two-game mini-lost streak.

This wasn’t a dominant win for the Braves or anything like that, but a 3-2 win is just as important in the standings as a 21-3 win. Bryce Elder did a good job of keeping his season moving in the right direction by holding off the Mets and the offense has continued to ride the wave that Eddie Rosario and Marcell Ozuna have created recently. They’ve now tied the series and now it’s up to Charlie Morton to help lead the Braves to winning the series tomorrow night at 7:20pm EST

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