Biden labels Houthis terrorists, group vows to target US and UK interests news

Description of the President of the United States Joe Biden group Ansar Houthis He said it was a terrorist group in Yemen and he vowed to respond if it continued to behave in the same way. The Houthi Supreme Political Council announced that all US and British interests had been legitimate targets in response to attacks on Yemeni sites early on Friday.

In a message to Congress, Biden said the U.S. and British strikes were targeting facilities in Yemen that he said facilitate Houthi attacks. Red Sea.

In his congratulatory message, the US President emphasized that the purpose of the attack was to reduce the risk of escalation and avoid civilian casualties, and said that he ordered the military operation out of his duty to protect Americans at home and abroad. To enhance national security and foreign policy interests, he said.

Biden added in his message that the attack was aimed at deterring and degrading the Houthis' ability to launch future attacks. He explained that the United States is prepared to take further measures as necessary to respond to any threats or attacks.

The US President also stressed that the United States took this necessary and proportionate measure in accordance with international law and in the exercise of the right of self-defense in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

Early on Friday morning, the United States and Britain launched airstrikes on multiple locations in Yemen. An Al Jazeera reporter reported that the targets of the bombing attacks were the “Dalami Air Base” north of the capital Sana'a, the vicinity of Hudaydah International Airport in the west, and the “Kalan Camp” and “Abs” in Saada in the north. “Airport” in the Hajjah governorate in the northwest of the country, and the “Al-Jand” region north of Taiz governorate in the south.

Houthi media also reported that the targets of the attack were the “Taiz Airport” and the “22nd Brigade Camp” in the Al-Ta'iziyah district in northern Taiz.

Houthi Armed Feast

At the same time, the Houthis vowed to respond to US and British attacks, and the Houthi Ansar Supreme Council issued a statement saying that “all US and British interests have become legitimate targets of the Yemeni armed forces in response to their direct attacks.” and declared aggression against the Republic of Yemen. “

Hussein Ezzi, deputy foreign minister of the Houthi government, also vowed to respond, saying “the United States and Britain must be prepared to pay a heavy price.”

Gen. Douglas Sims, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, confirmed to reporters that the Houthis fired an anti-ship ballistic missile in response on Friday but did not hit any ships.

“Their tone is strong and loud. I expect they will try to mount some kind of retaliatory response,” he said, referring to the Houthis.

The extent of damage caused by the attacks, which used more than 150 projectiles at about 30 locations, was still being assessed, Sims said, adding that casualties were not expected to be high.

In solidarity with the Gaza Strip, which has been suffering an Israeli war with U.S. support since October 7, the Houthis are targeting cargo ships owned or operated by Israeli companies or carrying goods in the Red Sea with missiles and drones. Travel to and from Israel.

In December, the United States deployed warships and formed an international coalition to protect maritime traffic in the region, which accounts for 12 percent of global trade, after many ships passing through the Bab el-Mandab Strait were attacked.

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