Biden thanks Qatar’s emir for mediating efforts in Gaza ceasefire News

Emiri Diwan, Emir of the State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani He got a call from the President of the United States Joe BidenBiden thanked the Emir of Qatar for joint mediation efforts that resulted in… reach agreement humanitarian truce Gaza Strip.

The US president appreciated the active role played by the Emir of Qatar in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East. The Emir of Qatar also confirmed that efforts will continue to reduce escalation, stop bloodshed and protect civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The White House said Biden and Sheikh Tamim reaffirmed the importance of protecting civilian life, respecting international humanitarian law and increasing and sustaining humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians in Gaza.

The White House added that the US president and the emir of Qatar agreed to continue close consultations to create conditions for lasting peace in the Middle East, including the establishment of a Palestinian state.

They also emphasized “maintaining close contact to ensure the full implementation of the agreement and the eventual release of all hostages.”

The White House confirmed that the U.S. president “expresses his appreciation for Qatar and the personal role the emir and his team played in reaching an agreement to release hostages held by Hamas and establish a humanitarian truce in Gaza.”

Make decisive efforts

The U.S. Secretary of State stated Antony Blinken On the phone with Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar expressed their gratitude to the State of Qatar for its decisive efforts to help broker the agreement. This includes the release of at least 50 detainees in Gaza, including Americans.

The State Department said in a statement that Blinken discussed with Qatar’s prime minister and foreign minister the release of remaining hostages, ongoing efforts to urgently increase humanitarian aid to Gaza and ensuring the safe departure of foreigners from Gaza.

Blinken emphasized during the call that the United States remains committed to promoting a two-state solution, and he also reiterated the importance of the strategic partnership between the United States and Qatar.

The State of Qatar announced at dawn on Wednesday that joint mediation efforts with Egypt and the United States between Israel and the Islamic resistance movement have been successful (agitation), as it led to the agreement on a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip, which will last for 4 days and can be extended.

The deal included a first phase exchange of 50 civilian women and children prisoners in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of some Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons. The ceasefire agreement will also allow for greater entry of humanitarian convoys and relief assistance, including fuel earmarked for humanitarian needs.

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