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Justin Trudeau believes that American thinking and “Russian propaganda” are behind the Conservative vote

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Conservative opposition on Friday of being influenced by right-wing American thought and Russian disinformation, after it voted against a trade deal with Ukraine based on a carbon tax provision.

Earlier this week, 109 Conservative MPs voted against a proposal to update the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre called it “rude” And “gross” To demand that Kyiv impose a carbon tax.

Speaking at a news conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland – after announcing new “Green Alliance” With European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen – Trudeau launched this interpretation “silly.”

“The real story is the rise of MAGA-influenced American right-wing thought that made Canadian conservatives — who used to be among Ukraine’s staunchest defenders, I’ll admit it — turn their backs on something Ukraine needs in its own country.” “Hour of need” Liberal Prime Minister He said.

MAGA is short for “Make America Great Again” The winning slogan for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign that has been dusted off for his 2024 comeback candidacy. Plus the blame “MAGA-Influenced Thinking” Trudeau said “right wing” Troops in the United States and in “certain angles” From Europe it was “Beginning to parrot Russian misinformation, disinformation and propaganda.” To push for an end to Western support for Ukraine.

‘All Canadians should be concerned’ Trudeau insisted when the Conservatives said “They turned their backs on history, they turned their backs on our friends and allies, and they turned their backs on the rules-based international order and our support for the UN Charter on Territorial Integrity.”

He then announced that Ottawa would donate “More than 11 thousand assault rifles” And more than nine million rounds of small arms ammunition to Kiev.

About 1.4 million of the 40 million Canadians are of Ukrainian descent. Many are descendants of pro-Axis nationalists who fled after World War II, and reside in the Conservative stronghold of Alberta. Explaining his party’s vote on Thursday, Poilievre accused Trudeau of being one “pathologically obsessed” With the carbon tax to the point of wanting to impose his ideology on Kiev “While the knife is at the throat of the Ukrainians.”

The Liberals responded that Ukraine had imposed a carbon tax since 2011, as part of Kiev’s bid to join the European Union, and that Article 13.24 of the new trade deal was merely a suggestion for further discussion. Trudeau was able to present the proposal to a parliamentary committee with votes from the Bloc Québécois and National Democrats.

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