China: Taiwan election results will not hinder message of unity

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council stated ChinaThe results of the election held in Taiwan today, Wednesday, do not affect the basic fact that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory.

Chen Binhua, official spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, explained at a press conference in Beijing that the election results cannot hinder the path to reunification.

Taiwan's government refuses to recognize China's claim to the island. Despite this, it has repeatedly proposed talks, but all of them have been rejected by China. Beijing, on the other hand, has said it will not hold talks unless Taiwan recognizes that the Taiwan Strait is part of “one China”, something the Taiwanese government refuses to acknowledge.

On Saturday, Taiwan elected Lai Ching-te from Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party as the country's new president, whom China considers a dangerous separatist.

China's position

The Chinese government confirmed on Wednesday that it will not give up the use of force to control Taiwan in order to confront foreign interference and a small number of Taiwanese independence forces. She pointed out that this does not mean that China is trying to target Taiwanese citizens.

Chen added that public opinion Taiwan He seeks peace rather than war, supports exchange rather than isolation, and has repeatedly called for the “overthrow” of the DPP.

He said that if the CCP continues to detour from the path of seeking “independence” and provocation, it will expose Taiwan to serious risks and cause serious damage to the situation in Taiwan.

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