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Houthi militants have been targeting commercial ships in the Red Sea for months in response to the Israeli military operation in Gaza

UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) has confirmed that a civilian ship came under fire off the coast of Yemen. No injuries or major damage were reported.

Since the start of the Israeli military operation against Hamas in Gaza, the Houthi militants who control large swaths of Yemen have targeted commercial ships crossing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The Shiite group initially focused on the ships it believed were linked to Israel, claiming they were moving in protest against the country's actions in the Palestinian territories. However, after the US and UK carried out a number of strikes on Houthi facilities, the group said it would now also attack ships belonging to either country.

On Monday, UKMTO, a monitoring service run by the British Navy, issued a statement saying it had done so “We received a report of an accident 40 nautical miles south of Mokha, Yemen.”

“The captain reported that his ship was attacked by two missiles and reported minor damage.” The UKMTO said, adding that the unnamed ship and its crew were safe and on their way to their next port of call. All ships were advised to do so “Cross with caution” In the region.

Last Tuesday, US Central Command reported that Houthi militants fired several missiles at the Greek-owned bulk carrier Star Nassia, which sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands, as well as the UK-owned tanker Morning Tide, which flies the Barbados flag off the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Yemeni coast. According to the statement, the two ships remained seaworthy and continued their planned voyages, without any casualties reported on board either of them.

The Shiite group's spokesman, Yahya Saree, described the Star as an American ship, warning that the Houthis were planning to launch further attacks on British and American ships in response to the attack. “aggression” Committed by London and Washington.

Earlier this month, US Central Command reported that US and British air and naval forces carried out a series of strikes against at least 36 alleged Houthi targets in 13 locations across Yemen. The US Army claimed so “Multiple underground storage facilities, command and control, missile systems, storage and operations sites for drones, radars, and helicopters.” He was injured as a result.

In response, the Houthis pledged to do so “Facing escalation with escalation” And continue attacking civilian ships until Israel stops its military action in Gaza.

Washington and London carried out similar strikes during January.

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