Communiqué: German policy leaks that war may break out between NATO and Russia

Russia's “Gazette” reported that Germany's “Bild” published NATO (ASfor nato) are preparing for a massive Russian attack on the alliance's eastern flank, and a secret German Defense Ministry document explains the details of this potential conflict.

The report, written for the Gazette by retired Russian military expert Brigadier Mikhail Khudalenok, said the German document describes… Russia Month after month, the West eventually deployed hundreds of thousands of coalition troops to the east, heralding the inevitable outbreak of war in the summer of 2025.


The author added that this situation will start in February next year, when Russia will launch another wave of general mobilization and recruit an additional 200,000 people into the army. Kremlin attack Ukraine spring, forcing the Ukrainian armed forces to withdraw by June next year.

Since then, Russia launched covert aggression and launched an open attack on the West in July next year. Expect cyberattacks and other forms of hybrid warfare, especially in the Baltic states. Conflicts will also occur, and Russia will use this as an excuse to launch large-scale exercises on its territory and regions. belarus.

This situation will worsen if Russia mobilizes troops and medium-range missiles to Kaliningrad next October. From December 2024, “border clashes” and unrest will begin, resulting in large numbers of deaths in the Suwalki Corridor (a 60-kilometer long strip of land on the Polish-Lithuanian border and an enclave with Belarus on one side) Casualties. Kaliningrad Russian on the other hand).

Although you might stay USA Weeks after the election without a president, Moscow backed Belarus' invasion of Ukraine. In May 2025, NATO decided to respond by transferring 300,000 soldiers, including 30,000 German soldiers, to the Eastern Front.


The German Ministry of Defense commented on the Bild report: “Considering different scenarios, even if they are extremely unlikely, is part of daily military affairs, especially during military training.”

“Bild” reported that Russia plans to launch military operations in Ukraine by 2026 to seize cities such as Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and the Dnieper River, not to mention complete control of Luhansk and Donets in 2024 Republic of Croatia and reaches the river in the Oskol-Kharkov region.

By the end of 2026, the Russian President intends to Vladimir PutinAccording to “Bild”, the Dnieper, Petrovsk, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv regions were completely occupied. In addition, the Russian Armed Forces will continue military operations in the direction of Kherson, Russian troops and formations will be stationed along the Dnieper River, but will not occupy the city itself.

Russian Skepticism

Commenting on the content published by Bild, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov doubted whether the newspaper had actual strategic planning documents issued by the headquarters of NATO's Supreme Command in Europe, as NATO develops and stores these The steps taken during the documentation period are confidential. Plan to prevent any information leakage.

Where did Bild get this information?

Retired Brigadier General Hudalenok said in the report that the content published by Bild may be based on the work of an independent analysis center that works on behalf of the German Defense Ministry and submits opinions to the German military control authorities.

He added that the newspaper may have some information about some work on the upcoming German army exercises, whether the current precautionary measures for material resources are suitable for the management of highly tense armed conflicts, and what should be done in the field of military industry. The complex situation allowed the supply of weapons and military equipment to exceed possible losses during hostilities.

Leaks instill fear

Hodarnok came to believe that the purpose of these leaks was to sow fear in public opinion and to take radical measures to improve the functioning of the German armed forces and the country's military-industrial complex.

As for a hypothetical conflict between Russia and NATO, Khodharnok said that this would definitely lead to World War III, and that this is currently not in the interests of both parties.

He finally said that the 30,000 German soldiers planned to be transferred to NATO's eastern flank would be of little use if Moscow used nuclear missiles to strike.

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