Equalizer 3 has the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes in the trilogy

Equator 3 It hasn’t been released in the US yet, but it has already managed to set a new record for the action series.

The third and final chapter in the saga of Robert McCall, Denzel Washington’s vigilante, is the highest rated chapter in the entire series. while the movie Rotten tomatoes The result is likely to change as it is released broadly tomorrow (September 1), as it currently stands at 73%.

This score tops the first outing Previous lien up 60% It is above the low point of the series by championships – A 52% agree Equator 2.

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But, despite the franchise’s high score, the reviews are still somewhat mixed. Here’s what some critics are saying so far:

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The film may be able to impress some McCall non-believers, as it connects his story in a quite satisfying way. Although there are some surprising references to earlier events in the story, this third part feels like a stand-alone movie – the adventure of an army man.

“However, there is something completely unoriginal about this third installment. In the end, Antoine Fuqua delivers nothing more than expected – the good, the bad and the very ugly.”

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“Everything is exactly as you’d expect, with The Neutralizer just about taking down bad guys one by one, including the ones he subdues by squeezing a nerve in his hand.

“There is no suspense, because there is absolutely no doubt that McCool, who looks like a killer robot and not just a seasoned secret agent, will prevail over his opponents.”

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“If this is the end equalizer“It’s a well-thought-out, soaring tone that overcomes confusion, intricacies, and twists to give everyone—Robert, Emma, ​​the good Italians, and the audience—a sumptuous, unforgettable adventure.”


“A powerful conclusion to an unexpected trilogy and a fitting end to Robert McCall’s character arc – with Washington continuing to deliver deft justice.”

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When Washington interacts with the supporting cast, it’s undoubtedly the strongest point of both the film and the franchise. Fanning’s character, however, feels like a missed opportunity, and risks drowning in clichés.

The costly callbacks to the previous two films are understated by sepia-tinted flashbacks as well, and a somewhat understated twist in the final act. The emotional beats, however, still strike with a cyclical finale that’s ironic but satisfying. The result is no fanfare. Big, not quite a whine, but something in between.”

Equator 3 Available now in UK cinemas And in US cinemas on September 1.

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