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The newspaper said that companies from the European Union's main trading partners may face restrictions due to their relations with Russia

The European Union is seeking to include restrictions on Chinese and Indian companies in the 13th sanctions package against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, which will be unveiled later this month, the Financial Times reported.

The newspaper said in an article published on Monday that 24 companies, including three from China and one from India, may face trade sanctions from Brussels.

She stressed that the list also includes companies from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Thailand, Serbia and Kazakhstan, adding that the names of the companies cannot be mentioned for legal reasons.

If the proposal is approved by all member states, the EU will impose sanctions on entities from mainland China and India, the bloc's main trading partners, for the first time.

The newspaper quoted the plan as saying that the companies are being targeted for allegedly helping Russia circumvent restrictions imposed by the European Union, especially by supplying electronic components that can be repurposed for use in drones and other weapons systems.

“It is also appropriate that it be included on that list [along with more Russian firms] Some other entities in third countries that indirectly support the Russian military-industrial complex… through trade in such components. She reads the document.

According to the report, European companies will be prohibited from dealing with foreign companies listed on the blacklist.

The Financial Times indicated that the European Union was already considering imposing sanctions on Chinese companies because of their relations with Russia last year, but officials in Brussels said that Beijing had assured them that it did not support Russian military efforts.

Restrictions imposed on an Indian company “It will be particularly sensitive because the country is a US ally and is negotiating a trade deal with the European Union.” The paper tightened.

Both China and India constantly call for a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Over the past two years, Beijing and New Delhi have resisted Western pressure to join sanctions on Moscow, while strengthening economic cooperation with Russia and becoming major destinations for Russian oil.

In his interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies “do not work.”

“The largest number of sanctions applied in the world are against Russia. We have become the first economy in Europe during this period. Putin confirmed.

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