Families of Israeli detainees in Jerusalem demand answers from government

Thousands of activists and family members of Islamic Resistance detainees hold walking protest march (agitationThey arrived in Jerusalem yesterday, Saturday, seeking “answers” and increasing pressure on the Israeli government after it announced the deaths of two detainees. Gaza In the last days.

According to the Israeli military, some 240 people were detained flood process On October 7 last year, the Palestinian resistance movement carried out an attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in settlements around the Gaza Strip. Since then, their families have been demanding their release through various means. Many Israelis hold their government responsible because they were surprised by the Palestinian resistance attacks.

During a march involving thousands of people that started last Tuesday in Tel Aviv, about 60 kilometers from Jerusalem, the highway leading to Jerusalem was plastered with photos of detainees.

Black T-shirts and banners bearing the faces of detainees were seen as demonstrators gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s Office Benjamin NetanyahuThey released hundreds of yellow balloons into the sky with the words “Send Them Back” written on them.

Participants chanted “let them all go home now,” a slogan they have been calling for for six weeks.

Among those taking part in the Jerusalem march were opposition leaders belonging to centrist movements Yair LapidHe is a supporter of the war but calls for Netanyahu’s resignation.

Families of detainees have called for any prisoner exchange to be expedited, frustrated by Netanyahu’s insistence on the need for caution in talks brokered by Qatar and Egypt.

Tel Aviv demonstrations demand change of ‘worst government in Israel’s history’ (Reuters)

Tel Aviv demonstration

In similar circumstances, hundreds of people demonstrated in Tel Aviv yesterday Saturday against Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli media reports, the demonstration was organized by the left-wing Hadash party.

One sign read: “An eye for an eye, we are all blind.” Kan TV reported that demonstrators were demanding change to “the worst government in Israel’s history.”

On the other hand, the Israeli “New News” website reported that a counter-demonstration took place with dozens of people participating. There were verbal and physical conflicts between the two parties.

The newspaper added that pro-war demonstrators threw water bottles at peaceful march participants and chanted “Go to Gaza” and “Death to the Arabs.”

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