Fidan: Decision to break Gaza siege requires unified Islamic message

Turkish Foreign Minister stated Hakan Fidan His country is doing everything it can to stop the war and provide immediate aid Gaza StripHowever, he stressed the need for a unified Arab-Islamic stance to break the occupation’s siege on the Gaza Strip.

Fidan added in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera that the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan The Turkish people and domestic political parties are all concerned about the situation in Gaza, but individual actions will not achieve the desired results.

The Turkish minister confirmed that the recent Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh represented an important shift in the Palestinian issue, noting that a collective stance was needed to launch the decisions issued at the summit.

He said his country can sever ties with Israel and has done so before, but the current situation requires a collective severing of ties and pressure from all Islamic countries to achieve the desired results.

Fidan also said that relations with Israel after the last war will never be the same as before the war, stressing that Ankara’s rapprochement with Tel Aviv before October 7 last year was part of a normalization movement prevalent throughout the region.

He added, “We want to contribute to the stability of the region and the development and strengthening of its economy, but by resolving the Palestinian issue we must recognize that normalization with Israel is not possible without a two-state solution. “

Fidan stressed that “it is impossible to deal with Israel after so many martyrs in Gaza” and the lack of access For a two-state solution “This means more wars in the region,” he said.

Break the siege

Regarding using force to break the siege, Fidan said international parties were taking diplomatic action to end the siege and stop Israel’s systematic killings, but he also confirmed that there were unannounced actions.

Asked why Arab and Islamic countries did not take action to relieve the siege, despite the summit’s decision, Fidan reiterated that taking such a step by force would require the cooperation of all countries, indicating that this has not yet happened.

The Egyptians are doing their best to bring in aid, but at the same time they need some coordination with Israel to bring it in, he said, noting that such coordination is currently suspended.

However, he emphasized that Egypt can say and do anything if it decides to use force to break the siege, but he said that Cairo has important sensitivities and Egypt is cooperating with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries to provide assistance.

He expressed hope that important decisions would be taken and implemented at the meeting of the Seven-Year Committee of the Arab-Islamic Summit.

According to Fedan, this committee represents an important shift as it is the first committee of its kind established by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. He said the committee would meet soon in Moscow, Beijing and London to discuss a halt to the fighting, stressing that there was no upper limit to the Islamic group’s response but that collective positions and decisions were needed to be effective.

Regarding the stance of the United States and the West on the war, Fidan emphasized that the West accepts the injustice and killings suffered by the people of Gaza, and this acceptance will have a significant impact on the Islamic world’s stance with the United States and Israel. The west.

There must be a collective stance

Regarding the formation of an anti-Israel coalition led by Ankara, the Turkish Foreign Minister said, “We are considering this matter, but we know that the neighboring countries of Palestine and certain Arab countries must participate and take action, and then we will work with Africa, Asia, Latin America , and perhaps cooperation between Russia and China.”

Regarding his meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Ankara, Fidan said: “I had a detailed and frank conversation with him, told him everything that needed to be said, and I told him that Turkey wants an immediate and permanent end to the war as aid comes “Introduction, I assured him, we will not accept the displacement of the people of Gaza.” But we did not agree because the Americans firmly supported Israel in continuing the war. “

However, Fidan said Blinken “has shown reactivity on the issue of aid and we have made some progress but they refuse to stop fighting,” adding that “if the United States continues to support and remains silent about the killings, the world will face A bigger crisis.”

Fidan refused to talk about the future of Gaza after the war and said the conversation must be about stopping the fighting and initiating a two-state solution because the conflict cannot be resolved without it, stressing that “there is not one solution” in Gaza. It’s not a matter of management, but a matter of occupation, which destroys everything in it and makes the Strip an unfit place to live. “

As for the future islamic resistance movement (Hamas) The Turkish minister confirmed that this is a liberation movement, not a terrorist movement, and that Turkey does not care about Western classifications. He said that when the conflict is resolved, Hamas will become part of the political organization. Life is like any other party.

Qatar’s efforts are incredible

Regarding Qatar’s efforts in the current crisis, Fidan said that Doha acted very quickly and played a very important role between Hamas and Israel, stressing that Ankara was communicating with Doha at all levels and supporting it. All efforts.

Fidan concluded by saying that the people of Gaza are not alone and that his country will continue its efforts to transport the wounded to its territory to provide them with treatment and will work to unite the world on their side, stressing that being exposed “has moved many The country opposes injustice and Western imperialism and pushes other countries to take action to prosecute Israel internationally”.

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