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A few days ago, I saw news that a person was arrested and transferred for investigation. A video showing him shooting an animal emerged after it went viral on social media. The news mentions penalties for those who violate animal welfare laws, with the Ministry of Environment having previously announced penalties for those who torture animals or abuse them through beating, starvation or other inhumane methods.

Animal rights are of course a noble cause and a moral principle that we must all respect. Many countries have even enacted special laws to protect animals and raise public awareness of the importance of animal rights. This way we ensure the animals are well treated and well-welfared.

But what about human beings, God’s greatest creation and heirs on earth?

While reading the news, I was reminded of Israeli Defense Minister Yov Galante's statement on the first day of the war in Gaza: “I have ordered a total blockade of Gaza. There will be no electricity, no food,” he added: “We have nothing to do with human animals. fight and we are taking action accordingly.”

While all international conventions in the world – including their abhorrent entities – support laws related to the rights and cruelty of domestic and wild animals, the use of oppressive language and provocative rhetoric to justify violence is unacceptable under any circumstances of. Targeting them is considered a crime punishable by law, let alone human beings.

open prison

Gaza, with a population of about 2.3 million, is known as the world's largest open-air prison and has been besieged by Israel from air, land and sea for more than 17 years. The people of Gaza have suffered greatly over the years and are still suffering, especially with the occupying Power's recent war against civilians. The aim is to completely destroy the Gaza Strip and displace its people.

This situation should not be tolerated by anyone, regardless of gender, color or race. Despite this, most Western governments defend their unlimited support for the occupying power and its crimes against humanity, including the killing of civilians, the imposition of a comprehensive siege on the Gaza Strip, the subjecting of homes, schools, mosques and hospitals to indiscriminate attacks, cutting off Connections to Israel, etc. water, electricity, fuel supplies and other means of destruction.

These governments also completely ignore the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, which prohibits in Article 3, part 1, general provisions, any attack on life or physical integrity, in particular all forms of murder, mutilation, cruel treatment, torture , hostage-taking and assault. About personal dignity.


Some consider Israel an “apartheid state,” but this term is insufficient to describe the essence of Zionism; because “apartheid” refers to racial discrimination based on race or color.

The term originally came from South Africa's apartheid policy, which was used by white colonialists against the country's majority black, land-owning indigenous population. They believe that their race is superior to other races and should not have the same rights as them.

To maintain their power, this minority prohibited blacks from buying land outside the areas where they were forced to live, from using public transportation, and from visiting the same clubs and stores. Insane racism has reached the point of dividing parks, sidewalks, and bathrooms.

Apartheid was considered a phenomenon hostile to humanity and its values, but had lower crime rates than Zionism. Moreover, a system based on apartheid does not deny the humanity of other races, but emphasizes the superiority of this race over others, while the Zionist entity believes that God has chosen them over all peoples on earth. . To become his own chosen people, and thus to see other races not as human beings, but as creatures created to serve them.

hard heart

Many innocent children in Gaza have bled to death. Instead of watching their children play and grow before their eyes, mothers were forced to sprinkle dirt on their bodies. It was a scene that made the hearts bleed, except for the hearts of Zionists and their supporters. , their hearts are as stone, even more cruel. .

Perhaps it was the anti-Israel protests carried out by citizens around the world, including large numbers of anti-Zionist Jews; ending the bloody war in Gaza – that demonstrated the high levels of global hatred for the Zionist regime and its supporters.

We see conscious nations around the world outraged by the treatment of children in Gaza, demanding an end to this bloody farce. This means that no clear conscience can tolerate such a heinous crime. There is no doubt that freedom-loving people will fight against tyranny and injustice and resist tyrants.

One day, the leaders of countries that supported the war crimes committed by this colonial regime and whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent women and children in Gaza will inevitably be held accountable for the heinous crimes they have committed.

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