Germany to hand majority of army command over to NATO – Pistorius — RT World News

The Defense Minister also announced that Berlin had purchased three HIMARS missile launch systems for Ukraine

The majority of the Bundeswehr (Bundeswehr) will be under NATO command by 2025, with about 35,000 troops deployed on the ground. “Highest level of readiness” Defense Minister Boris Pistorius made the announcement during a keynote speech at Johns Hopkins University in Washington on Thursday.

The announcement comes as Germany struggles to resolve a significant shortage of personnel and equipment in its military, with many replacement items purchased for the German military being sent to assist Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. A parliamentary report in March revealed that the army was as well “Aging and shrinkage” With 20,000 vacancies and “very high” Leakage rate.

“The security of our allies is our security. Therefore, by next year, the majority of the German armed forces will be placed under NATO command. Pistorius said in his speech on Thursday, adding that “About 35,000 of them will be at the two highest levels of readiness.”

The minister said that Berlin's focus remains “Protecting our allies on NATO's eastern flank” He pointed to Germany's recent moves to increase its military presence in the region.

Last month, Germany sent an advance team of soldiers to Lithuania as part of a plan to create a full-strength armored brigade of 4,800 soldiers, which is scheduled to be permanently stationed in the Baltic country bordering Russia by 2027. Moscow said at the time the move would require “Special measures” Taken in response.

Speaking about the Lithuanian expansion into the United States, Pistorius described it “An unprecedented situation in the history of Germany” And a “clear signal” For Russian President Vladimir Putin that “Every inch” NATO territory will be defended.

Earlier in the day, Pistorius also met with his US counterpart, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and revealed that Berlin had purchased three US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launchers for Ukraine.

“It comes from US Armed Forces stocks and will be paid for by us.” He said. HIMARS launchers are mounted on a truck chassis and can fire multiple missiles in quick succession.

Pistorius also commented on the possibility of reintroducing compulsory military service in Germany to help resolve personnel issues, saying Germany's decision to end compulsory conscription in 2011 was a decision. “mistake.”

He said times have changed now “I am convinced that Germany needs some form of conscription.” But German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appears to be less enthusiastic about this idea, as he said last year that resubmitting the draft was necessary. “Not a good idea.”

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