Globalists lack supporters, but they have nukes – Alex Jones to RT — RT World News

The commentator claimed that the elites gathered in Davos considered keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office their top priority

Global elites hate Donald Trump because his nationalistic, economy-focused policies conflict with their quest for global control, US political commentator Alex Jones told RT, commenting on the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos.

Jones is an outspoken supporter of the former US president and a vocal critic of the World Economic Forum, which he sees as a manifestation of the globalist agenda. He believes that the transnational business elite seeks power at the expense of the freedoms that constitute the core of the American national project.

“I'm trying to peacefully elect Trump. I'm trying to get [removed from power] “Crazy people… who hijacked the government.” Jones said in the interview, referring to Trump's quest for another term in the White House, which he personally supports.

Jones claimed that the current generation of forces would now be less competent than their predecessors, and therefore weaker and more dangerous. He added that thanks to the spread of social media, there is increasing public rejection of their stories.

Elites “They don't have people's brains, but they have nuclear weapons, and they're psychotic.” to caution.

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InfoWars founder disputed statements made by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who Argue Last September, Russia stood to benefit from the way Trump's election campaign was undermined by a series of criminal charges against him and his businesses at the federal and state levels in the United States.

Putin has called for such actions “Persecution of a political rival” By the administration of President Joe Biden, which reveals “rot” In the American political system for the whole world to see. He believed that as a result, Washington's ability to harm Russia would diminish.

“I understand that it's good in one respect…to say that it shows that the people running America are bad. And that's true.” Jones said. but “If the deep state is able to overthrow Trump…no one is safe.”

“Do not be afraid of America's competence. You should be afraid of the incompetence of the people who kidnapped it. urge.

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