GM John Lynch says Trey Lance will “most likely” stay with the 49ers

Santa Clara, Calif. — One day after learning he lost the San Francisco 49ers’ backup quarterback job, Trey Lance returned to the team’s facility Thursday.

Barring surprise, this is exactly where John Lynch, the general manager of Niners, expects Lance to report to work in the near future.

Speaking to KNBR radio in San Francisco Thursday morning, Lynch said that although the Niners are exploring all options — including a trade — for Lance, there’s still a strong chance Lance will stay with the team as their third quarterback for the season. .

“That’s the most likely option,” Lynch said. “We’re very happy with Trey. The most likely option is that he’s here. If we can find a landing spot for Trey that’s really good for him and works for our organization, that’s not something we’ll turn into ‘We’re getting close to Pittsburgh (in Week One).'”

Lance’s condition gained an extra dose of uncertainty Wednesday when Niners coach Kyle Shanahan told him the team would field Sam Darnold as the backup to starter Brock Purdy. That left Lance, the No. 3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, who San Francisco traded four picks (three first-round picks and one third-round pick) to get, disappointed.

In fact, it was so frustrating, that after his conversation with Shanahan and then another conversation with Lynch, the Niners relieved Lance of Wednesday’s training to clear his head and deal with the current situation.

Lynch, who did not offer a clear answer when asked if Lance had asked for a trade deal, said it was a “knockout” for Lance.

“Trey handled it very well and efficiently,” said Lynch. “He was a wreck, and rightfully so. When you put your heart and soul into something and it doesn’t come to fruition, you’re going to be devastated. That’s the kind of competitor he is. But we’re in a good position.” He will be back in the building today as we move forward.”

That plan remains for Lance to play in the final game on Friday against the Los Angeles Chargers. Shanahan said Purdy and most of the starting players would play the opening game, then Darnold would replace Purdy, and Lance Darnold would follow.

It’s unclear if Brandon Allen, who was the team’s fourth quarterback throughout the preseason, will get any snaps against the Chargers.

For Lance, this final exhibition will provide another exposure opportunity for other teams in the league that might be interested in trading for him.

“Trey handled it incredibly, with competence. He was a smasher and rightfully so. When you put your heart and soul into something and it doesn’t pay off, you’re going to be devastated. That’s the kind of competitor he is but we’re in a good place, and he’ll be back.” building today as we move forward.”

49ers GM John Lynch to KNBR, over Trey Lance

While Lynch has denied that San Francisco has been shopping Lance all season, he has previously admitted to receiving calls from interested teams in the lead up to the draft.

If the Niners traded Lance, it would count $5,540,956 in dead money over each of the next two seasons and the team would save $3.76 million in 2023 and $5.31 million in 2024 for the salary cap.

San Francisco is unlikely to release Lance simply because he would tally $14.61 million in dead money and incur additional charges of $5,310,717, which is the fully guaranteed salary Lance is set to receive in 2024. Given the Niners’ recent history of quarterback injuries – they’ve been Down to fourth pick Josh Johnson in the NFC Championship Game on January 29 and running out of two quarterbacks when he suffered a concussion – the team is pretty sure of keeping three quarterbacks on the roster.

Which means that, barring a worthwhile trade, this could make Lance more valuable to San Francisco, even as a No. 3 quarterback, than a future last-round draft pick.

“Trey has taken amazing leaps and bounds this year,” said Lynch. “I think his games showed that. I really give him a lot of credit because we didn’t design an attack that highlights what Trey can do, but I think he’s evolved from that. He just played in our attack. He’s still showing some of his movement, and he’s done a lot.” “Many plays. In the end, Kyle and our coaching staff were tasked with making difficult decisions, and believe me, that decision was stressful for them. They got to a point where they felt like Sam had won it and nothing would change that.”

One player who is still not in the Niners facility is star defensive tackle Nick Bosa. Bossa is holding out as he awaits an extension to his lucrative contract that is expected to make him the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

“I don’t like the situation,” Lynch said. “Since we’ve been here, we haven’t had a solid close to his size. We’re working hard to try and change that (the rejecter). We’re in contact with his representatives. He’s a special player, he’s going to get a special contract. I can tell you that.”

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