Hamza al-Dahdouh’s last testamentary message to his father the day before his martyrdom

“My father, you are a sick man and a man seeking reward. Do not despair of recovery, nor of God's mercy, but trust that God will reward you for your patience.”

Yesterday, Saturday, journalists published these touching words Hamza His father is a reporter for Al Jazeera Wael DaheduThrough his pages on social media, he had no idea that his last post in this world would be for his father.

The Israeli occupation forces have added a new war crime to their criminal record for blowing up a car carrying a group of journalists, including Hamza Dahdu Mustafa Thuraya in Khan Yunis, while working in the area as part of Al Jazeera's crew, civilians were displaced due to Israeli bombing of several areas in the Gaza Strip. Hamza and his colleague Mustafa were martyred by Israeli bombings.

Video footage began circulating on the site's social media platforms of their car being attacked and bodies being removed, with other footage aired by Al Jazeera showing its Gaza bureau director Wael Al-Dauduh -Dahdouh's farewell to his son Hamza. In particular, Ardadouh lost his family to Israeli bombings a few weeks ago and was displaced in a refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

After news of Wael Al-Dahdouh's son's martyrdom spread, social media was flooded with emotions of sadness and anger.

A local page published a photo of Wael Al-Dahdouh and his daughter saying goodbye to Hamza, while others tweeted about Wael Al-Dahdouh’s comments after the martyrdom of his family on October 26. Famous line said: “It doesn't matter if they take their children to take revenge on us.”

A message Hamza wrote on social media at the beginning of the new year to his mother who was martyred last October was retweeted. In the letter, he said: “The new year is coming, but our war, mother, its drum The sound is stronger, all the days of this year have dried up, its time has stopped at that moment, at that moment, our days become one; without you, they have no color, no taste. You are us The days you have been our happiness and their beauty. Congratulations on your settling down and being patient with us in your separation. Our years stop with the stopping of your pulse until we meet soon on the appointed day.

But the Israeli occupation did not allow Hamza to finish his New Year and cover the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip, which has been going on for 93 days, so Hamza was with his mother, brother and son, a few weeks ago He buried them.

It is worth noting that Hamza Wael Hamdan Al-Dahdouh was born on July 7, 1996 in Gaza. He is a journalist and photographer. He has been working in Gaza as an Al Jazeera crew member since the war in Gaza began. Gaza Strip. He is the eldest son of colleague Wael Al-Dahdouh.

With the martyrdom of Hamza and Mustafa Suraya, the number of journalists martyred since the beginning of Israel's aggression in the Gaza Strip rose to 109.

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