Haniyeh: We are close to reaching a truce agreement, we have responded to Qatar

The head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement said,agitation) Abroad, Ismail Haniyeh said the movement was close to “an armistice” with Israel, which is waging war against… Gaza Strip On the 46th day, the number of martyrs reached more than 13,000.

“The movement has responded to the Qatari brothers and mediators and we are close to reaching a truce,” Haniyeh said in a statement sent to Reuters by one of his aides.

Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said on Sunday that a swap deal between Israel and Hamas was “imminent.”

Earlier on Monday, Israel Broadcasting Corporation revealed that the government Benjamin Netanyahu It gave the green light to a deal with Hamas and is awaiting a response from the movement.

“We are now at a critical moment. We are closer than ever to an agreement,” said Roy Sharon, a military affairs analyst for Israel Broadcasting Corporation’s Kan channel.

He pointed out that in the past few days, Hamas has conveyed suggestions to Israel, and Israel has reached an understanding on the conditions and requirements for accepting the Hamas movement.

He explained, “The ball is now in Hamas’s court, it must show responsibility and seriousness, and if it responds positively, we will have a verifiable agreement.”

He said the agreement included a five-day ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, indicating that Israel would then resume military operations in the Gaza Strip.

contrasting visions

The war council met with representatives of some of the families of detainees in the Gaza Strip at the Defense Ministry headquarters, in the presence of Netanyahu and members of the Knesset. After the meeting, family representatives confirmed that there were differences of opinion among the members of the war committee.

They note that Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yove Galant consider the elimination of Hamas as important as the repatriation of detainees.

On the other hand, opposition leader Benny Gantz and former chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot believe the issue is important and a high priority in Israel.

the president of the united states said Joe Biden He believed an agreement to free some Hamas prisoners in Gaza would be reached soon, but gave no further details.

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