Hezbollah uses Burkan missiles and attack aircraft to attack Israeli locations

Announce Hezbollah Today Mondayb targets Israeli military sitesBurkan missileThere were also attack aircraft, and Israeli Army Radio revealed that artillery fire from the Lebanese side caused serious damage to a military base.

On the other hand, the Lebanese News Agency reported that the outskirts of the towns of “Yarinda Hera” and “Tel Hafa” were shelled. IsraelMonday at noon.

Hezbollah said it targeted Israeli infantry units assembled in the Tashihat Triangle with missiles and artillery shells, causing direct casualties.

According to a reporter from Al Jazeera, an alarm was sounded in the eastern section of the Israeli border. lebanonconfirmed that 4 rockets landed near the settlement of Kiryat Shmona.

In a separate statement issued by Lebanese official agencies, Hezbollah added that Hezbollah militants used appropriate weapons to target an Israeli infantry unit on the Qalantina Mountains near the Hadab Yalon border point.

Israel’s Army Radio said on Monday that shootings from the Lebanese side caused serious damage to a military base in the north, without mentioning the name of the base.

Previously, Lebanese Hezbollah announced that it had attacked the Beranit Barracks, the command center of the Israeli 91st Division.

Hezbollah said that it used four large-caliber Burkan missiles in two batches to target the command center of the 91st Division of the occupation forces in the Israeli Baranit military camp, and also targeted the Israeli Zabudin military camp in the occupied Shab’a farm in Lebanon. and inflicted direct hits on both of them.

dive plane

In a related context, Hezbollah’s Al-Manar channel said “swooping” drones were launched from southern Lebanon towards occupied sites in northern occupied Palestine.

She added that the occupation force’s radar did not detect the attack aircraft launched by Hezbollah. It successfully achieved its goal.

On the other hand, Israeli Army Radio confirmed that the explosive drone had crossed the border from Lebanon and landed in an open area, but did not specify the landing location, confirming that the Israeli army used artillery to respond to the source of the fire.

Hebrew Channel 12 reported that the army intercepted two to three explosive (booby-trapped) drones during the day, noting that the army detected 25 rockets fired from Lebanon towards several border areas.

Earlier today, Hezbollah announced that its military operations on Lebanon’s southern border had wounded 1,523 Israelis since October 8.

The party did not mention how the figure was determined, and Israel has so far not commented on it.

Targeting an MP’s house

In southern Lebanon, the Lebanese News Agency said today that Israeli attacks targeted the home of Lebanese lawmaker Kabalan Kabalan, a member of the Amal movement led by parliament speaker Nabih Berri and close to Hezbollah.

The agency reported that Israeli artillery struck the house of MP Qabalan Qabalan, a member of the Amal Movement’s presidium, in the village of Mays al-Jabal (south), but did not indicate that any human damage was caused damage.

The representative did not make any statement on the incident until (14:00 GMT), and Israel did not comment on the Lebanese statement until the same time.

Yesterday Sunday, Israel bombed several areas and towns in southern Lebanon, including the suburbs of Rabne and Tel Hafa in Naqoura and Maroun Ras and Jabin in the town of Dahila in the western region, while Hezbollah targeted Israel military location.

Since October 8 last year, intermittent shelling between the Israeli army and Hezbollah and Palestinian factions in Lebanon has occurred every day on the southern border of Lebanon, causing casualties on both sides.

For the 45th consecutive day, Israel launched a devastating war against Gaza, killing more than 13,000 Palestinian martyrs, including more than 5,500 children and 3,500 women, and injuring more than 30,000 people.

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