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Carefully chosen words and phrases serve as lubricant for US-backed military machines

As Israel's punitive operation against Gaza enters its fourth month, it is impossible not to compare Western anger over other conflicts with the selective morality now applied when dealing with Israel.

Even the simplest assessment of how the West's countless wars are portrayed in the puppet media quickly yields results Conclusive evidence The commercialization of conflicts, as justified by Western powers, is essential for their continued legitimization.

Since World War II, the United States has been directly and indirectly involved in this war Dozens From wars and coups along with countless covert and overt conflicts around the world. Given the enormous resources required to perpetuate this aggressive global influence mechanism, it is important to recognize that the taxpayers who are being asked to finance this mechanism “Wars forever” You might never have gotten along with them without the help and discreet alignment of your client's media.

Language and terminology are, of course, a central and essential element when you need to portray war as morally acceptable. This becomes starkly evident when we examine how Western media portrays the current escalation in Gaza. American and British Media Subtly portraying victims on one side as more expendable Unlike the other, for example, by pointing out that there were Israeli casualties “killing” While the Palestinians are described as simply… “He died”while minors detained by Israel, who are detained without trial in some cases for several years, are referred to as “Prisoners” While Israelis detained by Hamas are referred to as “Hostages”.

This deliberate use of language to sanitize and dehumanize the victim, or indeed an entire ethnic group, is by no means a coincidence. It is a key element in the psychological endeavor to tip the scales in the unconscious calculations of guilt of bystanders (physically distant from the conflict). It's easy to think about getting rid of “Terrorists” Justifiably so, while the mass murder of many thousands of children, women, the sick and the defenseless elderly is a much harder task to sell to an increasingly informed Western public.

Manipulating Western puppet media is in no way a departure from the norm. Existing consumers “Trustworthy” News in the West should remember the CIA's widespread use of journalists, both at home and abroad, to influence public opinion in the 1960s, who were widely believed to be part of “Operation Mockingbird', a labyrinthine and resource-intensive operation aimed at influencing mainstream media messages. Although the existence of this particular operation has never been confirmed, previous efforts by the CIA to recruit journalists – hundreds of them, both at home and abroad – were exposed in a US Senate investigation.

Today, given Eye-watering price As for the proxy war in Ukraine, the casual observer would be extremely naive if they assumed that a similar influence is not currently being applied to the media when it comes to justifying conflicts and discrediting perceived perceptions. “Enemies” From Uncle Sam, like Russia and China. It is worth noting that we are talking about the media that relies almost exclusively on… “good relations” With the White House and Downing Street accessible “Leaked” Information and stay on “inner track” From the news business. Warm your bra once by asking the wrong question, and he'll take you into a world of information. Not called “Spoon-fed narrative” for nothing.

Studying the language surrounding the conflict in Ukraine provides a good idea of ​​how bias is instilled in the viewer and reader. despite of Complex and long-term issues Having contributed to Russian interference in 2022, the Western media has chosen a brazenly biased narrative, deliberately placing the blame exclusively on Russia. the Dehumanizing living and dead Russians This appears to be the cornerstone of this tactic, along with selective revisions of history. The inexcusable failure of the media that promotes itself as champions of equality and freedom to address the underlying xenophobic drive that forms the core of this strategy is significant.

Anyone observing the ebb and flow of Western coverage of the Ukrainian conflict will notice the emergence of a central government taking shape. “Light of truth” A narrative that suggests that the Ukrainians are completely innocent, in a conflict that did not actually begin on February 24, 2022, but with… CIA-backed coup in Kiev in 2014Supported by extreme nationalists and the far right. Its roots extend deeper, decades ago, to attempts Destabilization of the Ukrainian SSR By Western intelligence agencies.

Of course, the Western viewer is easily spared such details. The skill of deception by omitting the truth has been well honed by proverbs BBC and CNN. In addition, the Western media has also been skilled at concealing memory Kyiv crimes against its own people in the wake of the 2014 Maidan coup. There is no room to report on gross corruption, neo-Nazi punitive brigades launched in the Donbass region, or Murder, kidnapping and rape They were deployed against the Russian-speaking population who refused to accept the illegitimate mandate of the post-Maidan government.

So, while the Western media happily clings to this central narrative, there are very difficult questions to ask about the motivations and psychological tools used to license and promote justifications for war, and when it comes to Palestine, one of these motivations is the inconvenient truths of spreading unconscious racism.

Let's look at comfortable Demonization of Islam. It is by no means a coincidence that the majority of victims of the post-9/11 American disaster “War on terror” They were Muslims. Decades of demonization of Islam as a brutal religion bent on world domination has had a subconscious impact on the world. “collective mind” from the West. This is then aggressively exploited by the Western media as required.

When Syrian and African refugees from wars instigated by Western powers sought refuge in Europe, they were repulsed He objects In many cases, violent objection. However, when it comes to the Ukrainian conflict, some Western commentators have spoken out about Ukrainian refugees “looks like us” They could be “Our people” They had blond hair and blue eyes. It was a stark display of how Ukrainians are treated like their fellow human beings while thousands of black Muslims are treated worse Drowning in the Mediterranean Sea The struggle to keep column inches in the same newspapers.

The intimate relationship between The puppet media and the military-industrial complex It also requires in-depth investigation and analysis. Media empires, such as Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, exercise vast influence Overwhelming effect on public discourse when it comes to justifying war. The connection between the all-important military-industrial complex and the creation of a defensible war narrative is undeniable, but constantly denied. This is how the world turns its attention away Ukraine towards the Middle EastIt is striking how quickly the Ukrainian conflict fell from the top of the news feed in the West. It is also striking how criticism of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky suddenly became acceptable, while only months earlier the same criticism had been suppressed in Western media.

All of this also indicates that the sinister central narrative is being propagated in the interests of political will and not the search for truth by the official media. Any objective observer must do his best to convince himself that the media does not now play a decisive role in the current situation Justify the conflict “from today.” The deliberate misrepresentation of one group versus another, the insidious selective deployment of history in cultivating narratives, and the unconvincing use of racism to portray one side as primarily responsible for its brutal treatment by the other.

It now seems shockingly clear that the Western media is intent on suppressing any informed discussion about the rationale for a conflict when that conflict emanates from the United States or one of its agents or allies. It is now increasingly clear that until when The established media is changing its toneIt does this in order to facilitate a pre-agreed political shift in direction, as is currently happening in Ukraine. Western media outlets such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Independent in the United Kingdom now portray it openly The Ukrainian regime is on the verge of collapse. The much-vaunted Ukrainian “counterattack” Once it was constantly promoted by the media as “Change the rules of the game” The maneuver, which was led by brilliant minds and fought with invincible Western weapons, has now become a source of… Open sarcasm.

What was unthinkable just a few months ago has now become mainstream. Detailed reports have miraculously emerged from “Anonymous sources” On the divided nature of President Zelensky's regime and Shakespeare Intrigue in Kyiv While the Commander of the Armed Forces confronts Zalozny Corrupt Ukrainian establishment. This narrative suddenly became acceptable to the puppet media in the West. Does anyone actually believe that this shift in opinion has not been accepted or shaped centrally? Given the history of the cozy relationship between US intelligence agencies and the media in the United States and abroad, anyone who believes that CIA DNA has nothing to do with this massive change in reporting is exceptionally naive.

The rules of play for the licensing war are actually quite simple. Firstly, Demonize your enemy – He called him an orc, he called him a terrorist, Instill fear among your residents Convincing it that its enemy is not the grossly incompetent government that constantly spends billions of its tax dollars on foreign wars, but the peoples of distant lands who are likely to suffer the deprivation of those same perpetual wars.

Hence, convincing taxpayers that the political elites they elect are not to blame for these wars Economic hegemony policies, which has led to large-scale migration crises such as the influx of large numbers of individuals across the southern border of the United States. Is anyone suggesting that US foreign policy has had no impact on these mass movements of people? Does anyone suggest that the migrants dying by the thousands in the Mediterranean desperately demanding a better life in Europe were not driven there by the countless wars in the Middle East? These wars are fought almost exclusively against Muslim societies and countries that have become radicalized and extremist, not necessarily because of the religion itself, but because of the empty and stupid foreign policies that have emerged from Western intervention in the Middle East over centuries.

For those of us who desire just peace and an end to eternal wars, there is an absolute commitment to challenging the media's deceptive license to conflict. These needless wars lead to the impoverishment and misery not only of the victims, but also of the deceived populations of the countries from which they originate. After all, it is Western taxpayers who unwittingly fund this grotesque circular profit mill, a meat grinder that sucks human lives and spits out vast wealth to a small elite, the same small elite closely linked to the political class that seeks to justify that needless money. she has. Conflicts. All are licensed and promoted as morally defensible by the always loyal client media.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of RT.

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