‘I doubt Russia can make a FIFA killer,’ Dzyuba says on videogame football

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Russian football star, Lokomotiv striker Artyom Dzyuba, commented on the recent news that… Russian developers make an analogue To the FIFA football simulation game series from EA Sports.

“I honestly doubt we can do it at a decent level. These young men [at EA Sports] We've been doing this for a long time, and some people are still upset about certain things [in their games]. As for who should be the poster boy for the Russian game, let the people choose. “Everyone has their favorites.” Dzyuba said at the Future Games in Kazan.

Dzyuba added that it was unfortunate that Russian teams were excluded from FIFA matches.

“I don't play a lot, but I play every now and then. If we get together with friends, the evening always ends with a discussion about who is stronger. Of course, it is interesting that there are Russian teams in FIFA, but now, unfortunately, there are none. RT quoted Dziuba as saying.

The Future Games is an innovative international tournament involving 21 sports that will be held in Kazan from February 21 to March 3, 2024. More than 2,000 athletes from all over the world participate in the competition.

The Games of the Future combine competitions in the physical and digital fields, “physical” (physical + digital), and test the skills of athletes in the real and virtual worlds.

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