International newspapers: Israel’s allies are taking a tougher stance on what’s happening in Gaza

International newspapers reported the news that the armistice came into force Gaza Strip Relatedly, a report in the Financial Times talked about Israel’s allies leaning toward a tougher stance on the situation in Gaza, while the New York Times said civilians in Gaza are being killed at a rate unprecedented in decades. of.

Israel and the Islamic resistance reached a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip on Friday morning (agitation) included the exchange of 50 civilian women and children prisoners in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons.

A report in the Financial Times originated from… Israel Spain and Belgium, on the one hand, and Israel’s allies on the other, are talking about a tendency to take a tougher stance against the war due to the horrific human toll it has taken, the newspaper reported.

The newspaper also found that EU countries are divided over how much pressure should be put on Israel to limit the consequences of its bombing and allow aid into Gaza.

The New York Times stated that analysis of some conflict data showed that the killing rate of Gaza civilians during Israeli military operations was unprecedented in decades.

She noted that more than twice as many children and women have been killed in Gaza in less than two months as both groups died in Ukraine after two years of war, noting that experts are alarmed by Israel’s excessive use of heavy weapons. Densely populated urban centers.

“New News” believes that Israel will face the biggest dilemma when Hamas announces that it is ready to negotiate on other hostage issues to extend the ceasefire and make it permanent, which means victory for Hamas.

The newspaper said she pointed out that a ceasefire might allow the Israeli army to reorganize its forces, but it would also allow Hamas to greatly undermine Israel’s deterrence policy.

In turn, Le Monde suggested in an editorial that Israel use the opportunity of the truce to take stock of the massive destruction in Gaza, adding that even with the dangers facing the south, what Israel is trying to achieve seems far away. The situation is the same as in the north.

The newspaper believes that maintaining the existing ceasefire in Gaza is necessary so that people detained by Hamas can leave Gaza and Palestinians can receive humanitarian aid.

The Wall Street Journal emphasized that after the ceasefire began, some Palestinians displaced in Gaza had the opportunity to return to their homes and property for inspections after the war caused huge damage.

The newspaper believes that the truce provides an opportunity for many Palestinians in Gaza to find ways to check in with relatives who have lost news due to damaged communication networks, while specialized teams are working to repair what can be repaired during the truce. .

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