Israel resumes its operations against the children of Gaza

This development comes after the ceasefire allowed the release of dozens of prisoners from both sides

Israel resumed its attacks on Hamas after a lull that lasted several days, accusing the Palestinian armed group of violating the ceasefire. West Jerusalem has repeatedly said it will resume hostilities after the end of the truce.

The Israeli army announced this in a statement issued in the early hours of Friday morning He added, “Hamas violated the operational cessation, and in addition opened fire toward Israeli territory.”

“The Israeli army has resumed fighting against the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip.” She added. The army also announced that it was launching air strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza. Hamas has not yet commented on this development.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that Hamas violated the framework of the agreement as it did “It has not fulfilled its commitment to release all women hostages.”

“Amid the return to fighting, we affirm that the Government of Israel is committed to achieving the goals of the war – releasing our hostages, eliminating Hamas, and ensuring that Gaza can never threaten the people of Israel again.” mentioned.

Earlier today, Israel announced that it had intercepted a missile fired from the Palestinian Strip, and added this later “A number of launches were monitored from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory.” And they are “They were not intercepted according to protocol.”

The two sides have exchanged accusations on numerous occasions of committing violations in northern Gaza, which became the main target of the Israeli ground offensive that began in late October.

The two sides agreed to a four-day ceasefire with Qatari mediation, which entered into force on November 24. The main part of the agreement was Israel’s pledge to release 150 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 50 of the approximately 240 hostages held by Hamas since the start of the crisis. On October 7. Israel also said it would extend the ceasefire by one day for every ten prisoners released by Hamas.

The truce was extended several times, with Hamas releasing more than 100 hostages, including many foreigners, while Israel released about 240 Palestinians.

The latest exchange occurred late Thursday, when the group handed over eight Israeli hostages to the Red Cross in Gaza and then evacuated them to Israel. The latter released 30 Palestinians.

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