Israeli Journalist: We Didn't Win the War, Leaders' Statement Shows End of War

Almog Booker, reporter for Israel's Channel 13 and host of the “Akhbar Al-Youm” program, said that the Israeli leader's statement showed that the war in Israel was over. Gaza Strip.

Booker explained via his account on the X platform that the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu He can continue to say 3 times a day: “We will not stop until we win”, but the words of the Defense Secretary Yoav Galante Apparently, Israel will soon “move from the maneuver phase to special operations,” stressing that “this is the end of the war.”

The journalist working in southern Israel pointed out that this situation occurred before the stated goals of the Gaza war were achieved. “The kidnapped (detainees) did not come back, and the failure was not achieved.” agitationRockets are launched from the Gaza Strip every day. “

He added that life in some areas of the Gaza Strip has begun to return to normal, and he believes that humanitarian aid has entered the Strip and life has returned to the market. Jabaliya.

He concluded his post by writing: “This is how you don't win wars,” emphasizing that “there is no way we can return home.” “It's either us or them.”

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