Israeli media: 4,000 soldiers maimed in Gaza war

The Israeli “Wala” news website revealed yesterday evening (Friday) that 4,000 Israeli soldiers have been disabled since the outbreak of the war. Gaza StripThis number is likely to increase to 30,000.

In this context, this website considers attack Islamic Resistance Movement (agitationOn October 7, he led Israel into an unprecedented war in terms of the number of injured soldiers, and more importantly, the injuries were very serious.

He added that the Israeli army would not provide all information about the wounded to the public for fear it would lead to a loss of morale.

He went on to say that approximately 4,000 soldiers are currently designated as “Level 3” disabled, which means they are entitled to all the benefits and rights enjoyed by disabled people in the Israeli military without official recognition.

He noted that injured soldiers were able to receive wages and treatment without providing any proof, indicating that their rehabilitation process would begin as soon as possible, allowing them to return to their normal lives.

The circumstances are serious

The website quotes Idan Kaliman, head of the Israeli Army Disability Organization, as saying that now we require four physical therapists for every physical therapist we work with to cover the number of casualties, and the same applies to all other therapeutic professions.

Kaliman added: “For the benefit of our soldiers we need to triple our strength immediately and we are ready to face this challenge. I have been in this regime for 30 years. I have never faced anything like this There are many wounded and their condition is very serious.”

He pointed out that many of the injured had their limbs amputated, were blind and paralyzed.

The Israeli army announced the recruitment of 360,000 reserve soldiers on October 7 to participate in the ongoing war against the Gaza Strip, and began ground operations on the 27th of the same month.

Published military data show that since the beginning of the war, the number of officers and soldiers killed has reached 520, including 186 officers and soldiers killed since the start of ground attacks in the Gaza Strip.

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