Israeli report questions army’s control of northern Gaza

“New News” stated that the Israeli army did not set foot on 80% of the territory Gaza Strip So far, the ground operation, which began more than a month ago, has focused on a handful of areas and communities north of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Israeli newspaper added that the goals of the war would be achieved by wiping out the Islamic resistance movement (agitation) is still far away and many challenges still need to be overcome.

The newspaper also pointed out that the Israeli army has not yet taken control of the town of Jabaliya and has not yet reached Shujaya neighborhood In the 2014 war, he suffered heavy losses and fierce fighting.

The newspaper also confirmed Qassam Brigade Hamas still controls strongholds in the northern Gaza Strip despite statements from Israeli military commanders that it has lost control.

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In a related context, scenes of Hamas handing over prisoners from central Gaza to the Red Cross on Sunday night “gouged Israel’s eyes” amid a sudden show of force by the resistance group, an Israeli military analyst said. .

“A video distributed by Hamas showing the release of abducted people near the city’s Resistance Monument has raised questions about the extent of Israel’s control over the area,” wrote Amir Buchbut, a military analyst for the Israeli news site Walla. and questions about the extent of Israeli control over the area. Commitment to continue operations.”

The author stated in the article “A Finger in the Eye of Israel: Video Revealing the Real Master” that the footage broadcast by the Hamas armed force’s Izzdin al-Qassam Brigades caused dissatisfaction among Israelis. and undermined their army’s claims in recent days that it had taken control of Gaza City and wiped out movement fighters there. The area seemed to completely contradict his story, as Qassam fighters showed up armed to the teeth and seemed to take complete control of the place.

Bububu added: “Last night, amid hundreds of supporters and cheers, the hostages were released from the third phase near the Resistance Monument in Gaza City. There was a statue holding an Israeli army pill, referring to two soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, whose bodies have been held in Gaza since 2014.”

Faced with these scenes, he asked suspiciously: “Who is the real owner of Gaza?” He pointed out that before attacking the Gaza Strip, the occupying forces implemented a scorched-earth policy in the northern Gaza Strip, causing large-scale destruction, but later fell into trouble . Declare it to control it.

If the two sides proceed with the fourth phase of the prisoner exchange scheduled for Monday night, the total number of prisoners handed over by Hamas will be 50 prisoners, plus the two Thai detainees, while according to the source, the total number of prisoners handed over by Hamas will remain In about 190 people. Israeli estimates include officers, soldiers, police and intelligence personnel.

On October 7 last year, the Hamas movement captured about 239 Israelis. On the 24th of this month, it began to exchange some Israelis with the occupying forces. The occupying forces held more than 7,000 Palestinians in prisons, including children and women.

source : Al Jazeera+ Agency + israeli media

Citizens of northern Gaza confirm bodies of some families still under rubble News reports

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