Israeli sergeant dies of heart attack after soldier killed

Israel's Channel 12 reported that a sergeant in the Israeli army's Givati ​​Brigade died of a heart attack after a soldier under his command was killed. Gaza Strip.

The channel added that the Israeli army does not acknowledge the death of the sergeant, who retired from the army reserves.

She said people close to him confirmed that his death was due to his “unable to stand what he saw in Gaza”.

That is israeli occupying forces He revealed on Monday night that about 9,000 of his troops have received “psychological assistance” since the war in the Gaza Strip broke out on October 7, and about a quarter of them have not yet returned to the battlefield.

According to Channel 12 and Novy Izvestia, a statement from the Army Medical Corps said that “a total of approximately 13,000 regular and reserve soldiers require some degree of companionship or medical care during combat, with thousands more Injuried. “

new infections

Earlier on Monday, the occupation forces announced that 19 soldiers and officers had been injured in the past 24 hours of fighting in the Gaza Strip, with clashes continuing in central and southern Gaza and bombing continuing.

According to the latest data released by the military on Monday, since the ground attack on Gaza was launched on October 27, the number of injured soldiers and officers has increased to 1,042, including 228 serious injuries, and the total number of wounded has reached 2,438. Since the outbreak of war on October 7th. Same month.

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