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An internal report revealed that a tank fired on a building where military personnel were taking shelter

An internal investigation reported that a shell fired by an Israeli army tank at a building in Gaza where IDF reserve soldiers were sheltering killed two people and wounded two others.

Israel launched its massive attack on the densely populated Palestinian enclave following the deadly October 7 Hamas incursion, which claimed the lives of an estimated 1,200 Israelis, most of them civilians. Israeli ground operations and retaliatory air strikes have killed more than 34,000 people so far, according to authorities in Gaza.

The Times of Israel reported on Tuesday, citing an Israeli army investigation, that the soldiers were killed on Sunday in a so-called friendly fire incident.

According to the newspaper, in the period preceding the deadly bombing, a detachment of Israeli forces was ambushed by Hamas fighters along one of the main roads crossing the Strip. In the ensuing exchange of fire, an Israeli tank fired a shot towards an area that Israeli army commanders considered a no-go zone.

The investigation, reported by The Times of Israel, showed that the shells hit a building where other Israeli soldiers happened to be taking shelter at the time.

The media, citing Israeli army estimates, indicated that of the 263 confirmed Israeli military deaths since the start of the operation last October, at least 43 were victims of “friendly fire” and various incidents. The report listed poor communication as well as employee fatigue and inattention as reasons.

Since the start of its operation last October, the Israeli army has been repeatedly accused of bombing and destroying infrastructure in Gaza, including residential areas, hospitals and universities, as well as beating international aid workers.

On April 1, Israeli military drones struck a humanitarian convoy in Gaza belonging to the global relief organization World Central Kitchen, killing seven aid workers, including Britons, Australians, Poles, Palestinians, and American-Canadian citizens. The incident sparked global outrage, with the Israeli army admitting that its officers flagrantly violated the rules of engagement. Two of them were fired and three others were reprimanded.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari described the raid as… “A serious event for which we are responsible [and that] “It shouldn't happen.” He also promised to prevent such misleading attacks from occurring.

Meanwhile, late last month, NBC claimed that the Israeli military was bombing areas in southern Gaza that it had previously designated as evacuation zones.

In contrast, the Israeli army repeatedly accused Hamas fighters of using civilians as human shields, and insisted that its forces adhere to international law.

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