Israel's foreign minister admits Israeli government's responsibility for Hamas attacks and calls for investigation

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen admits government responsibility for attacks izdin qassam brigade – Military wing of the Hamas movement – October 7.

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Maariv, Cohen said he believed that after the war, an independent government commission of inquiry must be established to determine responsibility and hold those at fault accountable.

Cohen added that the goal set by Israel is to return all “abductees” to their homes, which can be achieved through two things: one is military pressure, and the other is political pressure.

He explained that it was too early to talk about settlements in the Gaza Strip and that this was not Israel's goal, and that its goal was first and foremost to restore security.

The foreign minister said Israel would not agree to unmonitored policies by the Palestinian Authority or any other party.

mutual benefit

Cohen noted that Egypt and Israel share a common interest in regional stability and fighting what he called terrorist groups.

The Israeli Foreign Minister believes that, philadelphia axis In recent years, it has become a likely source of weapons and combat equipment smuggled into the Gaza Strip.

Chairman of the Knesset Audit Committee said of the Minister of National Security itama ben gvirThe security of the country was entrusted to a failed minister.

Hamas killed in an operation al aqsa floods About 1,200 Israelis were captured and about 240 captured. About 110 of them were exchanged with Israel, which holds more than 7,800 Palestinians in its prisons, under a Qatari-Egyptian-U.S.-brokered truce that lasted for a week until early December this year.

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