Israel’s systematic destruction of Gaza… its tools and geographical scope news

For more than a month and a half, Gaza’s skies have been illuminated at night by the glow of red rockets that continue to rain down on the besieged Gaza Strip, bringing death and destruction to the area’s 2.2 million people. During the day, the situation remained the same, but the colors were changing, with Gaza’s blue sky darkened by plumes of smoke rising from the rubble of razed homes.

In this attack, which followed Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, Israeli occupying forces killed more than 11,000 Palestinians, including 4,300 children. Meanwhile, thousands of people buried under rubble after Israeli bombings are still listed as missing.

Official Israeli figures show that 12,000 locations in besieged Palestine were attacked between October 7 and November 1, making it the most violent military operation in modern history.

This photo taken on November 12 at an Israeli site facing the Gaza border shows smoke from an explosion (French)

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