Jessie James Decker weeps when she reveals her fourth pregnancy was unplanned, adding that she’s four months old: ‘It’s an incredible blessing’

Jessie James Decker revealed on Sunday that her fourth pregnancy was unplanned.

The Instagram influencer said via her InstaStories account that the Instagram influencer was “very, very, very surprised” when she found out she was pregnant.

“It wasn’t planned,” said the 35-year-old designer, Kitenich.

“You know, I had told Eric it might be time to have a vasectomy because I felt like we were done,” she explained.

“But I feel like God always has other plans. It was very shocking and surprising but (we are) happy excited.”

The model also shared that she’s almost four months old and already knows the baby’s gender, though she didn’t share what it is.

Then she cried, “To be able to have another little boy, for one, is such an incredible blessing.” We are all over the moon.

The singer shared the happy baby news Tuesday morning with a new video shared on Instagram.

The headmistress was seen walking down the hotel balcony with a cup of coffee in her hand.

She wore a bra and mini shorts that revealed her pregnant belly while playing Mariah Carey’s song Always Be My Baby.

All she wrote in her caption was “good morning” as she added a sun emoji.

Her fans were upset when they congratulated her as one follower said she too would be pregnant again if she had a hot husband like Eric.

This will be the fourth child for the couple, who married in 2013.

With the child: S. “It wasn’t planned,” said the 35-year-old designer, Kitenich. “You know, I told Eric it was time to have a vasectomy because I felt like we were done,” she explained.

She already has three children with husband Eric Decker, 36, of 10 years.

She has Vivian, 9, Eric Jr, 7, and Forrest, 5, with the former NFL player.

In late July the star said us weekly It was open to a fourth child.

“Three is a good number, but anything is possible. I participated every month taking a deep breath because I had no idea.

And in the fall of 2022, she told People magazine, “Honestly, we’re not trying for a baby — we’re also not trying for a baby.”

“We don’t plan for it, so we just let life happen,” Jessie added. And if it happens, it’s a blessing. If it didn’t happen, it shouldn’t have happened, but we don’t do anything to make it not happen.

Her husband has also said in the past that he refuses to have a vasectomy.

I also talked to the outlet about it appearance. “I’m so used to seeing this small and fitting thing, and my body has changed so much,” the beauty said.

“My breasts were up to my stomach.” I wanted women to know that it’s okay. I just had a baby, and it’s okay if it doesn’t melt.

And she talked about why she revealed her 2021 breast augmentation. “I wanted to be real about it.”

“My breasts don’t look the same as they did before I had kids. It made me feel good, confident and sexy,” she added.

Jessie is also big on self-care. “Go to the gym, do long walks and bubble baths,” she advised.

“I pour a glass of wine and sit for 45 minutes with candles on, listening to music, and relaxing. I need that time to myself to decompress. Every mom needs that.”

Pinup has been criticized in the past for the way she raised her young children.

She’s at her best: here the workout enthusiast is seen in 2022
With her family: With her husband, Eric, and their three children. She has Vivian, 9, Eric Jr, 7, and Forrest, 5, with the former NFL player.

There were haters who said her girls shouldn’t be wearing bikinis, while other trolls shamed her for breastfeeding while holding a glass of wine.

“There was definitely a time when she used to get to me,” Decker said.

And it hurts. “Your feelings hurt your feelings when people are cruel, but as I get older, I don’t have time to focus on the negativity anymore,” Decker said.

I have three children whom I love and take care of. “We’re all just trying to do our best,” she added.

“We must support each other.”

However, Jesse is as sensitive as anyone else.

‘I am a kind hearted person. I am human – no matter who you are, it hurts when people are cruel.

But (now), it’s as if I don’t have time to think about it. I just do not care. It robs life of its beauty and pleasure. I have beautiful children to take care of, and this is where my energy goes.

She also talked about her busy family.

“(Last week), I booked my music video shoot when the kids were at camp and Vivian had been doing gymnastics for a long time. That way, they didn’t have to be too far away from me. And I have a rule: I don’t do work after I get the kids from School It also takes a lot of help.

She added, “My husband has retired from football, and he is helping me so that I can achieve my dreams.”

And her mother also intervenes.

“My mum is really helpful, and my sister lives down the street. There are times when I say, ‘Hey, can you take Forrest?’ And I do the same for her kids.

Hey Mama: In late July, the star told UsWeekly that she’s open to a fourth child. “Three is a good number, but anything is possible. I participate every month taking a deep breath because I have no idea.”

“We do talent shows downstairs – every child performs a song and dances.

“We sit together every night to dinner because this is important to me, and we say our prayers.

They make children feel important.

“One-on-one time is very important.” It goes so fast.

“I feel like I got Vivian yesterday!” So you have to keep those memories, even when I include them.

“I go one by one, lie in bed with them for 15 or 20 minutes, and talk to them about their day. I rub their backs and sing to them. Having this one-on-one time is special.

And she takes them to the kitchen.

ON THE RED CARPET: Decker is seen at the 2023 NHL Awards Gala at Bridgestone Arena in June

Forrest and I love making chocolate chip cookies. He knows all the ingredients to get out of the pantry. Fifi is my little helper. If I have to run to the goal, she’s my right hand.

‘And I love going to Eric’s games.’ At a (recent) basketball game, the kids told me I was too loud!

She commented if she will do another reality TV show.

‘i don’t think so. I have become more protective with my kids. People can follow us on my Instagram account.

I’m sure Eric will follow in his athletic father’s footsteps. And Vivian, I think the girl is going to the Olympics. Forrest loves to perform and sing. I want them to live their dreams, shine, and do what makes them happy.

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