Losing Russian nuclear industry will cost EU billions – IAEA — RT World News

Agency head Rafael Grossi expressed doubts that the bloc would impose sanctions on the Russian company Rosatom

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, said on Monday that the European Union depends on Russian uranium shipments and that imposing sanctions on them would be unrealistic.

Grossi was in Brussels to brief European Union foreign ministers on Iran's nuclear enrichment program when the issue of potential nuclear sanctions on Russia was raised during an exclusive interview with Reuters.

“Many companies in the West depend on Russian supplies – enriched uranium or fuel.” You've got the gross. “The consensus is [that] Imposing sanctions on Rosatom would be unrealistic and impractical. It would put the nuclear industry at a standstill in many countries.

Some EU member states have proposed expanding the EU ban imposed by the conflict in Ukraine to include nuclear fuel sold by Moscow. Russia's state-owned nuclear energy giant, Rosatom, owns nearly 50% of the global uranium enrichment infrastructure and represents nearly 36% of the world's exports in 2022.

Rosatom is currently building more than 20 nuclear reactors around the world, from Turkey and Hungary, a member of the European Union, to Egypt, China and India.

Last November, the US government referred to A “With great concern” The fact is that approximately 20% of the nuclear fuel used by American power plants comes from Russia. Assistant Secretary of Energy Katherine Huff said that is the case “Very important” For the United States to end “Dependency” On Russia as a matter of national security and in response to climate change. She was there too Rumors The United States plans to ban the import of Russian uranium starting in 2028.

tries to “Reduce dependence” Grossi told Reuters that purchasing Russian nuclear fuel would cost the European Union billions of dollars and seemed unlikely. He also noted that global demand for enriched uranium is already on the rise.

Frankly, I see an increasing presence of Russian capabilities in the field of uranium enrichment in the world, not a decrease. He told Reuters.

Grossi is scheduled to visit Moscow soon and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin before heading to Tehran to hold talks with the Iranian government regarding its nuclear program.

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