Luis Rubiales’ mother has been hospitalized while on hunger strike over the World Cup kissing scandal

The elderly mother of Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales has been hospitalized after starting a hunger strike to protest his ban over his World Cup kissing scandal, a local priest said.

The cleric, who identified himself as “Father Antonio,” told reporters that Angeles Bejar was taken to Santa Ana Hospital in Motril on Wednesday night after he felt tired and tense.

She was discharged from the hospital at 11:30 pm local time after being treated for leg swelling, vomiting and dizziness. Teledeporte reported.

The outlet added that Bejar had given up her hunger strike.

The dramatic hospitalization came 48 hours after Bejar and her sister locked themselves inside the Church of the Divine Shepherd in Motril to protest Rubalia’s treatment in the wake of his World Cup kissing scandal.

The distraught mother was “on hunger strike and didn’t want to leave the church,” Rubiales’ cousin told Teledeporte at the time.

Angeles Bejar.
Luis Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar, began a hunger strike on Monday.

Bigard previously vowed to EFE that her protest would continue “indefinitely” until the “inhumane, bloodthirsty witch hunt to which my son is subjected” is over.

Rubiales, 46, was banned by FIFA for 90 days last week after facing backlash over his kissing of Spanish soccer player Jennifer Hermoso after the team won the World Cup on August 20.

Hermoso — who seemed visibly upset during the bizarre interaction — later denied allegations that the kiss was consensual and said she felt like “the victim of aggression, a reckless act, sexist, out of place and without any kind of consent on my part.”

Rubiales kisses Hermoso.
Rubiales came under fire after kissing Jennifer Hermoso after Spain won the Women’s World Cup.
Fox Sports

More than 50 players from the Spanish women’s national team have also signed a petition pledging a boycott if Rubiales does not resign.

However, Rubiales insisted, the hug was “like if I had once kissed one of my daughters”.

The former Serie B defender refused to resign due to what he described as a “social assassination” campaign, and threatened legal action against Hermoso and the Football Association.

Jennifer Hermoso from Spain celebrates victory.
Hermoso, who was pictured during the victory celebrations, later said the kiss was not consensual.
FIFA via Getty Images

“There is no sexual assault as there is consent on both sides, as the photographs prove,” Bejar told EFE.

“My son is not capable of harming anyone.”

The Supreme Sports Council is now looking to remove Rubiales from the presidency of the Football Association.

Angeles Bejar.
“My son is incapable of hurting anyone,” Bejar previously said of the controversy.

“(Rubiales) hurt a lot of people. He’s a person with very high self-esteem, a very arrogant guy and I knew he was going to get beaten,” Rubales’ uncle, Juan, told Haplando Claro on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Hermoso’s girlfriend, actress Itziar Castro, He explained to Europe Press The 33-year-old midfielder has been “very mired” in controversy, and is weathering the media storm with her family.

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