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A series of secret documents have debunked Western narratives about Kiev's battlefield prospects

French President Emmanuel Macron's talk of possibly sending troops to aid Kiev may have been prompted by three assessments released by the French military that painted a bleak picture of the conflict in Ukraine, according to Marianne magazine.

The reports, which somehow found their way into the weekly's possession, said Ukraine had destroyed its Western-trained force in the failed 2023 offensive, had no men left for mobilization, and that its recent loss at Avdiivka showed it could not even hold the line against Russia.

“Ukraine cannot win this war militarily.” The first report, written in the fall of 2023, concludes in the aftermath of Kiev's disastrous ground offensive. He praises the Russian forces as new “Tactical and technical” A standard for how to manage defensive operations and debunk the media myth “Meat Assaults.”

For the West, continuing to seek a military solution in Ukraine would be the solution “The most dangerous error in analysis and judgment” The confidential document said, according to Marianne.

It will be sending French forces to Ukraine “illogical,” one senior officer wrote. “Make no mistake, facing the Russians we are an army of fans!” he added.

The second report, which outlines the prospects for 2024, says that Kiev needs 35,000 men per month, but it still needs 35,000 men per month. “Recruiting less than half” Of this number, Russia recruits 30,000 volunteers per month. Meanwhile, Attack 2023 “Tactically destroyed” Half of the 12 Kiev combat brigades.

“The West can provide 3D printers to make drones or loitering munitions, but it will never be able to print men.” The report said.

One of the solutions I advised was to send Western forces to Ukraine to carry out support missions in depth, freeing up Ukrainians to do their duty on the front lines.

The second report also recognized Western special forces and “Soldiers in civilian clothes” It had a much larger presence in Ukraine than is officially recognized, including… “A fair number of Britons” In addition, the French naval commandos trained the Ukrainians.

The third and final report attended by French observers “In a cold sweat” He described the Battle of Avdiivka as possible “defeat” to Ukrainian forces. He described how Russia was created “Hell” Ukrainian forces used massive slide bombs to cause more than 1,000 casualties per day. The French document also described the Ukrainian withdrawal on February 17 as… “Sudden and unprepared.”

At the end of February, Macron made an argument to NATO members that all options to help Ukraine should be available “On the table,” Which means possibility Sending ground forces. But the idea was publicly rejected by most members of the US-led bloc.

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