Meet Teresa Nest from ‘The Golden Bachelor’: Age, Job, and Family

* spoiler alert! Major spoilers for the first season Golden Bachelor less.*

Golden Bachelor It’s been several years in the making, but the long-awaited show is (finally) about to come to an end. spin-offs from the regular Bachelor’s And Bachelorette The franchise takes a slightly different approach to the reality dating show OG. In this version, the Commander is a little wiser, a little more experienced, and a little older. Yes, gray hair golden Bachelor’s Jerry Turner is the first of its kind.

At 73 years old, he has a lot of life under his belt, he is the father of two daughters and the grandfather of two granddaughters. Now, after the death of his wife, he is looking for a second chance at love. And this week, ABC finally released information about the Gerry contestants, so naturally, Bachelor Nation fans want to know all about them. The all-female group of 60 includes 22 witty, smart, beautiful, and pickleball-loving ladies who will compete for Jerry’s heart.

One contestant who has caused a lot of buzz early on is Teresa Nest. Teresa is featured very prominently in A.J Video teaser Introducing the world to the contestants, and it really looks very attractive. In the video, Teresa says, “I don’t want to be alone anymore. I’m looking for love again.” Teaser.

So, who is Teresa Nest and how far has she come with… Golden Bachelor Jerry Turner? Well, Reality Steve has already helped us out in the spoiler department, and he’s listed it as a top three contestant. So, get ready to see more Teresa in the future!

Here’s what to know about this new lady so far.

How far has Teresa come? Golden Bachelor?

Well, according to Reality Steve, Teresa reached the Hometowns (final three) and then proceeded to the final two stages. Since the show is still filming, Steve isn’t sure if Jerry chooses Teresa in the end, so only time will tell.

Where did Teresa come from?

This jersey girl doesn’t pump gas! Teresa of Shrewsbury, New Jersey, for her Golden Bachelor the biography, which is about halfway across the state near the water. Fun fact: Shrewsbury has an area of ​​2.3 square miles and was settled in 1662, according to City site.

At this time, it’s not clear if Teresa has lived anywhere else, but I’m curious if she and Jerry might go back to Jersey if she did get a date in her hometown.

what’s her job?

Teresa specializes in financial services. Although this job title is a little murky, a little sleuth will find that she works at TFS Financial Services, Inc., as Senior Coordinator for Compliance and Operations. “Teresa started her career by trading on her own account with success, which gave her a great love and appreciation for the markets. Teresa subsequently held key positions at Datek Online, Stifel Nicolaus and MetLife Securities, working as a superstore manager. Read the company’s website bio.

Theresa’s ABC bio also states that she “taught herself all about the stock market,” so she’s definitely a smart cookie.

How old is Teresa?

Teresa is 70 years old. Her actual birthday is August 4, 1953, which means she is a Leo. For context, in 1953 Harry S. Truman was President of the United States, W I love Lucy It was a hit TV show that everyone watched. The advent of computers was still nearly three decades away, and the DNA double helix had just been discovered.

Teresa The bio says she loves ‘both soft and hard’ ’70s rock, which definitely checks if she was a teen during the ’70s.

Does Teresa have children?

Yes! Teresa has children and grandchildren, but it is not entirely clear how many children or grandchildren she has, and what their ages or names are. However, I’m pretty sure this will come up in the show (if not during Hometowns), so you’ll just have to wait it out for now.

But one thing is clear. Family is important to Teresa. Her bio reads: “She is very close to her children and grandchildren, loving nothing more than to see them all thrive.”

Does she have an Instagram?

You don’t have to worry about Teresa being here just to become a social media influencer, as she doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account. Unfortunately, I mean Do She can’t scroll through her posts for clues about her relationship with Jerry either.

Stay tuned for more updates on top contender Theresa Golden Bachelor Streaming this fall and more Reality Steve spoilers are being released.

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