Meta Quest 3 will feature eye relief adjustment

Meta Quest 3 will feature eye relief adjustment

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The Meta Quest 3 will have buttons for adjusting the depth of the lens. To improve comfort and make room for regular glasses.

Yesterday, a video of the headset was leaked on the web. A closer look reveals two illustrations on the cardboard attached to the headband, indicating eye relief adjustment.

Apparently, there are two buttons inside the headset that can be pressed to adjust the depth of the faceplate and the lenses. Eye comfort adjustment is supported by many VR headsets, but not by the Meta Quest 2.

Illustration on the Quest carton explaining the eye relief mechanism.

There are buttons inside the headset that can be pressed to increase the distance between the user’s face and the lenses.

Adjusting eye relief offers several advantages: First, by adjusting the lens distance, you can control factors such as Visual comfort and field of view. Secondly, a greater distance allows you to do this Fits regular glasses between your eyes and the lenses. With Meta Quest 2, you have to insert a goggle spacer under the face interface, which is less convenient.

Meta Quest 3: An upgrade in terms of IPD mods as well

First hints of eye relief mechanism It was spotted in Quest 2 firmware earlier this year. “For a more comfortable experience, you can adjust the lens depth by pressing the buttons inside and pulling the headset forward or backward,” the description reads.

Not to be confused with eye relief adjustment IPD adjustment The feature that allows to adjust the distance between Lenses for a sharper image and better depth perception.

The Quest 3 is an upgrade in this area, too: Stepless and ergonomic distance adjustment can now be made on the outside of the headset, instead of just three steps on the inside. The supported IPD range is not yet known.

Minimized head strap

Another piece of cardboard shows a diagram of the slightly improved head strap, which tapers to two straps in the back to provide a better fit than the standard Quest 2 head strap. Quest 3 teaser video From June already showed the improved head strap. If that’s not enough for you, Meta will probably sell you the Elite Belt accessory for Quest 3.

Illustration on Quest cardboard packaging explaining how to adjust the head mount.

Illustrations on the Quest cardboard packaging explain how to adjust the head strap.

Meta Quest 3 is expected to be officially unveiled in Sept. 27 During Meta Connect 2023. The launch could happen at the same time or in the coming weeks.

You can find all additional information in our short article on Quest 3.

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