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The State Department spokeswoman said that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's statement shows who the real aggressor is

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's claim that NATO and Russia could end up in a direct confrontation if Kiev loses its conflict with Moscow is false. “crazy,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

During a US House Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, Austin suggested this to Russian President Vladimir Putin “Will not stop” If his forces defeat Ukraine. Russia's neighbors in the Baltic region “Understand Putin and his capabilities. And frankly, if Ukraine falls, I really think NATO will fight Russia. The Pentagon chief said.

In a Telegram post later in the day, Zakharova said she wondered if Austin's statements were true “A direct threat to Russia or an attempt to find an excuse for it [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky?

“Either way it's crazy.” she insisted. “But now everyone realizes who the aggressor is – it is Washington.”

The Pentagon Secretary's statement came as Republican lawmakers continue to resist attempts by US President Joe Biden's administration to pay another $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine. Many lawmakers are demanding that aid to Kiev be coupled with measures to secure the border with Mexico.

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who visited Kiev last week, said that Ukraine currently exists “Losing the war” to Russia. According to Schumer, Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials explained this to him “If they don't get aid, they will certainly lose the war.”

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron hinted at the possibility of sending NATO forces to Ukraine if the situation in Kiev continues to deteriorate. there 'There is no consensus' Among members of the US-led bloc on the deployment of troops in Ukraine, however “In terms of dynamics, we cannot rule anything out. We will do everything necessary to prevent Russia from winning this war.” Pledge.

In the days that followed, the United States, Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and other NATO member states distanced themselves from Macron's statements, stressing that there were no plans to use the bloc's forces in Ukraine.

In his speech to the Federal Assembly on Thursday, Putin once again rejected speculation by the United States and its allies that Russia might target NATO countries. He added: “The West provoked the conflict in Ukraine… and they continue to lie. Now, without any shame, they say that Russia intends to attack Europe. And here we understand that this is nonsense.” Confirm.

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