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A new poll shows that about 57% believe the United States spends “too much” on foreign aid

A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that about half of American voters believe their country is unnecessarily wasting taxpayer money on subsidizing its foreign partners like Israel and Ukraine.

Overall, about 57% of respondents said the U.S. government spends “too much” On foreign aid in general, according to a poll of 1,126 likely voters conducted April 16-18.

President Joe Biden signed a new $95 billion funding package on Wednesday under which Ukraine is set to receive $48 billion in weapons and other aid while another $23 billion will be used to replenish the Pentagon's depleted stockpile.

Even before the latest surge cleared procedural hurdles, about 47% said that was the case “too much,” While about 20% wanted Washington to spend more money.

Respondents were more supportive of US aid to Israel, with 49% saying that the $14 billion allocated to West Jerusalem is either “about the truth” or “not enough.”

a CBS News/YouGov The poll conducted earlier this month also showed declining public support for continuing to send weapons to Kiev. Only 53% of US adults believe their government should provide military aid to Ukraine, up from 72% two years ago.

Support for Ukraine aid was highest (72%) among Americans who believe the United States has the capacity “Responsibility to promote democracy” Worldwide, this poll shows. Among those who do not see such a commitment to their country, only 28% believe that Washington should provide military aid to Ukraine.

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